Queen Aerin Greymane I






359 F.A.


Queen of Gilneas


Kingdom of Gilneas


Mortimer Greymane I, father
Aerin Greymane, mother
Gregory Hewel, husband
Beren Greymane I, son



Queen Aerin Greymane I (359 F.A. - 403 F.A.) was a ruler of the Kingdom of Gilneas. She was the daughter of the mad king Mortimer Greymane I and succeeded him after his death in 381 F.A..

Her first act as queen was to forfeit the corpse of Archbishop Landren I, who was murdered by her father and crucified outside his estate, as well as a large donation to the Church of the Holy Light, leading to an understanding between the two parties and avoiding a madman's holy war.

Unfortunately, in 395 F.A. she suffered a terrible accident by falling off her balcony. On her death bed she was visited by a Wicker man from the Blackwald, who performed an odd ritual on her. The man was found dead in his chambers a few hours later just as Aerin began recovering miraculously, with a note on his bedside saying "we sow the seeds of tomorrow with the blood of today.". After her recovery, Aerin's eyes were found to be amber, rather than the blue they were.

In the years after her recovery, Aerin erected several shrines to the Old Ways, most notably the Shrine of the Shrouded Man, found on the outskirts of Gilneas City overlooking the Blackwald. In addition, she also put forward plans to expand agrarian culture in southern Gilneas and funded deep mining excursions in eastern Gilneas. She eventually married a young noble from Nambitus, Gregory Hewel.

Gregory and Aerin struggled for some time to have children. Aerin believed it was due to her fall when she was younger, as Gregory was proven to not be the cause having sired a bastard when he was young. Secluding herself in the Shrine of the Shrouded Man for several days, Aerin returned home, her eyes no longer amber and was successfully impregnated, although she was oddly silent during her pregnancy, secluding herself in her study towards the apex. While in labor, she told the nursemaids that her child was to be named Beren, and she died in childbirth. After her death, several scribblings were found in her study, the most notable one placed above them all, "We sow the seeds of the future with the blood of today.".

Ruler of Gilneas (381 F.A. - 403 F.A.)
Preceded by
Mortimer Greymane I
Aerin Greymane I Succeeded by
Beren Greymane I

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