Sir Aeydan Wald










Wolf's Guard


Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Gilneas




Haverin Grayblade (Father)
"Lana" (Mother)
Berenal Grayblade (Brother)
Eredin Grayblade (Brother, deceased)


Aeydan as a hedge knight.

Sir Aeydan Wald is a Knight sworn to the House of Grayblade, his half brother's house and hails from the Kingdom of Gilneas. He currently serves as a member of the Wolf's Guard, his brother's personal guardians. Born in the Ashen Coast as a bastard son of Haverin Grayblade to a peasant woman known only as Lana, Aeydan has spent most of his life in the shrouds of peasantry and low class living.

Despite this, his aptitude and prowess with martial combat led to his appointment as a squire of a knight sworn to a lesser noble from Stormglen Village near the Blackwald. After an unfortunate incident that led to both bandits and ogres attacking that left the nobleman slain and his mentor near death, Aeydan was knighted but left without a master, thus leaving him as a hedge knight. The knight traveled the grounds of Gilneas, preforming odd jobs and frequenting brothels under the name of "Aeydan Wald", having taken the name in homage to the location of his siring. Aeydan is also known to have an abnormally high amount of magical aptitude, but his refusal to truly delve into the Arcane or seek out a proper tutor has led to him being classified as a petty Elementalist.

The man is often accompanied by an Alteraci Mastiff by the name of Lan, and a mage by the name of Daryl Lockewood, and the two's most consistent job thus far has been serving as Auxiliaries to the Blades of Greymane. It was later revealed Aeydan is the result of Haverin Grayblade's relations with a seamstress named Lyanna before he was married. While Haverin had no disdain for Aeydan or his mother, it could have damaged his reputation to know he had fathered a bastard prior to his marriage. It was revealed Lana left for Stormglen and up until his death, Haverin had been sending money to the family to ensure they were cared for properly.

Aeydan revealed this information to his half brother, Berenal, and swore his honor and life to him. As he had been characterized as being without oath, it showed the commitment Wald was willing to put towards his new found family. Berenal accepted his offer after it was scrutinized that the documents being presented were not fake, as well as the fact that the two visually shared many features. Over time, Aeydan became one of Berenal's confidants and was elevated into the Wolf's Guard, a small platoon dedicated to defending the Grayblade family. While not holding the name Grayblade, Aeydan has been entrusted as captain of this guard and has also been appointed as Regent whenever Berenal is needed in other parts of the world.

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