Lord Alexander Grimwold
Alexander Grimwold








Earl of Taenia


Kingdom of Gilneas




Taeric Grimwold III†, father
Terissa Grimwold†, mother
Rodreick Grimwold, brother
Gwendelyne Grimwold, sister
Gertrude Tyne†, aunt (undead)

Lord Alexander Grimwold is the head of the House of Grimwold and the eldest of the Grimwold siblings. Alexander was raised, ironically, with tutelage from the Kollivare family, and as such, is a well trained battlemage. Though he leans to the side of a warrior, his skills with magic have made him an invaluable warrior. He is a very wholesome figure, often seeking the diplomatic approach with his allies, and preaches fairness in accordance to how his family has ruled.

Having thought to have been killed, Alexander escaped when his two siblings were captured along with his father, staying in the outskirts of Taenia alone. Though he originally had a small band of Lionswatch with him, they died one by one until he alone remained. Having joined with his people in Ashstorm, Alexander used the armor of one of his fallen knights to integrate himself into his father's honor guard, to see if he truly had survived.

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