Aleyina Nathair

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Galuyn Human




January 13th


GaluynCrest Galuyn
Bladescrestdrawn2 Blades of Greymane
LeanaiCrest Leanaí Iscia
Ootrcrestnew Order of the Raven
Duchyoftheheadlands Duchy of the Ashen Coast
Gilneasbanner Kingdom of Gilneas


Duchess of the Ashen Coast
Countess of Iscia's Cove
Fleet Commander of the Ashen Armada
Lord Foreign of the Stormwind House of Nobles


Berenal Grayblade (Husband)
Desmond Nathair-Grayblade (Son)
Dahlia Grayblade (Daughter)
Liam Grayblade (Son, Adopted)
Rose Grayblade (Daughter, Adopted)
Conall Nathair (Father, deceased)
Sinead A'Hearn-Nathair (Mother, deceased)
Desmond Nathair (Brother, deceased)
Crasten Nathair (Uncle)





Duchess Aleyina Grayblade (née Nathair) rules over the Duchy of the Ashen Coast with her husband Berenal Grayblade and holds titles to the Earldom of Iscia's Cove in the Fallow Crest across from the Ashwake Gulf. Having restored and grown her families lands since their death she has proven herself as leadership through her political cunning. Uniting the Galuyn and Gilnean people of Iscia's Cove Aleyina managed to weed out much of the previously present chaos under her fathers rule. With the wealth and rapid expansion of her Earldom however, she has come to find the lands outside of Iscia's Cove and it's Lords growing significantly more hostile.


The Crest of the House of Nathair

Crest of the Leanaí Iscia Wavewalker Galuyn.

Area Maps

Map of the Ashen Coast.

Map of the Fallow Crest around Iscia's Cove.

Appearance Edit

Her fair skinned complexion and piercing blue eyes are the only thing that seem to link Aleyina to a Galuyn heritage. Unlike most of the Galui she has long, curled, raven black hair which is often kept tame with ornate clips and brooches of varying gemstones to accentuate her status and wealth.

Often seen wearing long, elegant dresses with hand-stitched intricate patterns upon her corsets, Aleyina follows the Gilnean noblewoman's appearance more than that of her true heritage. Going so far as to doing her best to remove any hints of Galui accent in her speech it only rarely surfaces when she speaks of the local clans of her Earldom.

Being taught to show little to no emotion from an early age on she gives off a rather cold and stoic demeanor even to this day.

History Edit

Having grown up in her families lands, formerly the viscounty of Iscia's Cove, Aleyina was groomed to be a noble woman who would further her families ties and lands for her ruling brother one day. After her parents perished, falling to an invasion of her lands, both her and her older brother Desmond rose to the challenge of continuing their families ruling. Desmond permitted Aleyina insight to noble and council meetings, giving her a grander perspective of the political intrigue that was a necessity with their status if they desired to push for more.


After her brother was betrayed by one of his Lords which ultimately lead to his death Aleyina took on the leadership of her House as the only remaining member. Returning to Iscia's Cove with the retinue of knights who evacuated her from her lands after her brothers death she quickly managed to take over Iscia's Rest, reclaiming her home manor and from there expanding her hold out towards the Baronies of Windholm and Galecrest, eventually replacing the current leadership with her own men.

Her final push and expansion over the territory came when she reached out to the Galui Clans of Iscia's Cove, promising them the hills and access to her port and other waterways that would make following their way of life easier. Hesitant at first the clans finally united under her after her own Galui heritage and relation to the Wavewalker clan was revealed to them. Gifted with a jewel by the Hierophant of the Clan who claimed it to be a splinter of Iscia's heart, Aleyina has earned herself their respect and a fighting force of Galui clansmen and women who will take up arms for House Nathair when called upon.

Aleyina found herself elevated to Countess soon after, watching the on-goings of the Ashen Coast from Iscia's Rest as she continued her expansion of land in Fallow Crest territory. Eventually she reached out to the nobility of the Ashen Coast offering them a foothold in Iscia's Rest, a share in her wealth, as well as manpower in turn for further military training for her own men and the title of Duchess.

Childhood Edit

Born to Conall Nathair and Sinead A'Hearn, Aleyina was raised comfortably in Iscia's Rest alongside her older brother Desmond. Being taught from childhood on that she would help expand her families territory for her ruling brother one day through marriage, Aleyina learned proper etiquette and of the ruling noble houses of Gilneas from the moment she could begin to grasp these things.

With increasing hostility from the Fallow Crest, Sinead took to teaching her children the shadow magic the Galuyn of the region referred to as a blessing by their god Iscia. While Desmond slacked in his studies, Aleyina did as she was told and raised to do excelling in these particular studies. Through these studies however, the young girl found her connection to the Galuyn people that had been kept to minimum until then. Having a natural understanding, she soon learned the ancient Galui language and began to teach her brother the same, much to the displeasure of her father Conall. Sinead, while understanding the need to hide their Galuyn roots took her children to the clan from which she herself came and allowed the Hierophant to perform their second drowning ritual, Bá-dúisigh, during which Desmond and Aleyina were drowned repeatedly for several hours a day for three days to call on the blessings of Gurnye and her child Iscia.

While Desmond reacted rather poorly to the entire matter, Aleyina embraced it, much to her mothers approval and even began to learn to sail the currachs of the clan.

Adulthood Edit

After the death of both Conall and Sinead, Desmond turned to Aleyina to help him run their Barony, offering her insight into noble politics and granting her the freedom to make choices of her own. Aleyina immediately set out to speak with the Galuyn clans of the area, reaching out to the splintered groups to bring them back into the fold of House Nathair. However, much at her urging, Desmond declined to seek closer bonds to the Galuyn and instead followed his own desire to re-forge an alliance with the nobles of the Fallow Crest, Lord Redmond being one of them.

Aleyina at this time grew closer with the Galuyn-knights of House Nathair, Alroy Ritheor became her closest confidant while Dursten Warpwood pushed for stronger alliances with the other Galuyn clans to liberate his own territory.


After Desmond was killed by Lord Redmond, Dursten and Alroy sailed the Currach out of Iscia's Rest in which they hid Aleyina away from Redmonds men. While the hunt continued for the final member of House Nathair, Lord Redmond could not afford wasting resources on the continued search for Aleyina and eventually returned to his original target: the removal of the resisting Galuyn Clans from the area.

Driven by the desire to avenge her brother, Aleyina gathered the retinue of knights that were loyal to her House and began forging plans to return to Iscia's Rest. Despite the tragic loss of her brother, Aleyina planned strategic moves that would garner her eventual loyalty from the Galuyn clans in the area.

Making a point of sailing into the cove with currachs in the dark during a storm, she knew her daring and lack of fear of sailing the cove under such conditions would permit her audience with the Hierophant and Keepers of the Wavewalker remnants.

A small group of knights was dispatched after the currachs docked to free the path towards the Manor of Iscia's Rest of any of Redmond's men, which allowed Aleyina and her most trusted men easy access to the seat of nobility.

The rest of the men and women who had remained with the ships were now free to unload the grain and foods for the city that they had brought along on their campaign for the suffering city, almost instantly winning favor for Aleyina with the common city dwellers.

Alroy and Dursten remained by Aleyinas side as they forced their way into the Manor to take down Lord Redmond. While the knights kept the men of Redmond at bay, Aleyina handled the usurper Lord not with daggers as he did to her brother Desmond but rather the shadow magic she had been taught by her mother since childhood. She did not kill the man, but significantly weakened him before Alroy arrested the man and tossed him into the Rest's dungeons. The rest of Lord Redmonds men were executed publicly for the crowd to witness and have their share in revenge after what they had to suffer under Fallow Crest nobility.

Next Aleyina set forth to the north towards Windholm and east to Galecrest, where she removed any traces of Fallow Crest Lords and men, bringing the traitor Barons to her dungeons in Iscia's Rest while their men once more were publicly executed. The bodies of the men in Galecrest were stacked at the border between Galecrest and the rest of the Fallow Crest as a warning for any nobility who attempted to move into the territory. Alroy Ritheor was granted the Barony of Windholm and Dursten Warpwood, that of Galecrest, from which his clan originally came. With the Galuyn knights as barons, the Galuyn tribes began to cease attacks upon the areas north of Iscia's Rest.

The Leanaí Iscia Edit


Aleyina by Astri Lohne

Turning south to the remnant clans Aleyina reached out to the Hierophant Odhran and the Keeper Ultan, promising them their revenge upon the Lords she held captive and the freedom of the Farraige a Rugadh Hills with the sacred lake at its center. Keeper Ultan remained distant, but Hierophant Odhran showed interest in the woman, which gave her enough entry way into the clans. Aleyina together with the Hierophant and the Keeper brought together the scattered smaller clans under a single banner they named Leanaí Iscia. Lord Warpwood and Lord Ritheor brought along the clans from the north as well.

Securing, for herself a ancient relic of the Wavewalkers, Aleyina managed to convince the Galuyn that she would not treat the Galuyn as the other nobles of Iscia's Rest had before and that the collective forces of Galuyn and the Gilneans she had brought along and kept in Iscia's Rest would work together against the Lords of the Fallow Crest.

Iscia's Rest was opened up to the Galuyn clans as it had been to Gilneans, allowing ease of access for trading routes and Aleyina took her place beside Hierophant Odhran and Keeper Ultan as the Waybinder of the Leanaí Iscia. With the expansion of territory and her own nobles in place at the smaller baronies, Aleyina rose to status of Countess of the Cove, continuing and keeping the duality between the two cultures.

The leadership of the Leanaí Iscia performed the ancient rite of Tharraisce, a ritual during which the traitor Lords were tied to rope which was then looped beneath the currach upon which the Galuyn sailed in the cove. Lord Redmond and his Barons were then thrown overboard and pulled under the keel of the vessels, their backs dragged from side to side of the ship, cutting open their backs by the marine growth on the underside of the currachs while drowning them. The willingness of performing this ritual with the Galuyn once more cemented Aleyina's place among them.

The Duchy of the Ashen Coast Edit


Aleyina by Yourimaginarytwin

After her elevation to Countess, cutting her ties officially with the nobility of the Fallow Crest and reforming the bonds with the Galuyn of her lands, Aleyina found herself in need of military training for her men in order to continue expanding her lands at her will and defend that which she already had.

While the Galuyn did well keeping Windholm lands safe, Galecrest was attacked consistently by Dullahan clans and Fallow Crest nobility that sought to retake the lands they had lost.

With her knowledge in the nobility to the east and comparing her own expenses to those that she expected to be present in the Duchy of the Ashen Coast, she reached out to Berenal Grayblade. Offering the Duke money for his Duchy and men for the Blades of Greymane in turn for military training of her own men and women and the title of Duchess through an arranged political marriage. Remaining in the Ashen Coast for a time to go over the contract of the marriage, Aleyina began to step in and involve herself with the Blades of Greymane as they handled the Galuyn in their own lands.

The Blades of Greymane Edit

Blades Army Marching

Berenal and Aleyina marching with the army of the Blades of Greymane. By Shadowpriest

The unrest with the Galuyn clans and a Dullahan clan from the Fallow Crest permitted Aleyina to offer further insights into the doings of the clans, making her a valuable resource during the campaigns against the Legion-turned clans. Her aid in the Ashen Coast territories and the restated offer of manpower and aid cemented the contract between Aleyina and Berenal and the two found themselves engaged at the end of the successful campaign.

Her offered aid was requested almost immediately after when the Blades began clearing out Cyrvall from it's Legion oppressors, manned wavewalker currachs aided in the attack, once more proving Aleyina was going to stay true to her word to the Duchy and the Blades.

Order of the Raven Edit

Berenal on his throne at Wolfstone Castle, overlooking Bannhurst.

Aleyina had no intention of working specific for any branch within the Blades, keeping to her contract as much as possible. Though after the urging of Berenal Grayblade who wished to see the Order active again, Aleyina did just that. Calling a gathering of the members of the Order and establishing a new foundation. She discussed the matter of teaching new classes and lessons, and building a set of new constructs for the Blades of Greymane that would benefit them out on the battlefield. Not even two weeks after making these plans known the Order of the Raven, while working on going about the necessary steps to gain access to the plans for Nightborne constructs and power cores the Order of the Raven successfully secured a Highborne Relic named Kal'thiranoras-- a cannon that uses the energy of the stars.

The astral cannon was safely portaled to Ravendales Magus Sanctum by the members of the Order of the Raven where Inas'thas Sunbrooke, Aleyina, and other students of the Order study the device.

The Rescue of Gurnye with Iscia Edit

Months passed since the agreement that set the marriage between Aleyina and Berenal in stone, an event that required Aleyina to pledge the Wavewalkers of her land with the aid of the spirit serpent Iscia to the retrieval of the Wild God Gurnye. Awaiting word from Kolrick and his own Wavewalkers not much came from their investigations, forcing the Blades of Greymane to research the magical essence of the whale God themselves. With the aid of proper enchantments and wards, the men and women were able to retrieve enough essence from the bottom of the sea to aid Iscia in finding her mother.

As Aleyinas Wavewalkers followed Iscia to the location she sensed her mother at, it quickly became clear that the Legion had Gurnye trapped. While a group of the inner circle of the Blades went to aid the whale god, the wavewalkers began to surround Kolrick and his men keeping him away from both Iscia and Gurnye with orders from the Duchess to open fire and drown Kolrick should he attempt to get to either of the wild gods.

After successfully freeing Gurnye of her captors, Iscia was able to begin the healing process on her mother with aid of her Keepers the Leanaí Iscia under Aleyinas watchful eye. Meanwhile the Hierophant Odhran and another set of currachs were sailing towards the location to help against further Legion forces.

Quakes of the Coast Edit
The sudden quakes that shook the Ashen Coast forced Aleyina to return to her Earldom for a time, to check on any damages the area may have seen. There the Duchess oversaw the reinforcements of Iscia's Rest, Galecrest, and Windholm, while the Galuyn clans moved further inland towards their sacred lake being accustomed to the harshness of nature.

Berenal and Aleyina before battle. By Pirate Cashoo

Windholm as per instructions of Alroy Ritheor sent extra food and grain supplies towards Iscia's Rest while Galecrest worked to repair any damages from the attacks the Dullahan clans had previously lead upon the city.

When the Blades of Greymane were called to a meeting of the Council of the Coimeádaí to speak with a strange Gabhatine woman who assured everyone the quakes were originating in Flame’s Berth, Aleyina choose to go with the group aiding the Gabhatine instead of returning to Wolfstone Castle in Bannhurst with Berenal, speaking in favor of the wavewalkers to aid with their healing in Flame’s Berth.

After fighting their way through the collapsed tunnels of the mountain fortress against the Nightmare corruption that was present, Aleyina was faced with the wild god Kol, who commanded his Gabahtine to attack and kill any outsiders.

Aleyina fought to keep the Gabahtine alive rather than killing them, joining in the sentiment that they were following the orders of their patron god that must have been corrupted by the nightmare somehow.

The woman voted in favor of Siegruns ascension to High Runesinger of the Gabhatine over the other two options, those being Oisin- who would continue leading the Gabhatine as he did previously and called for the killing of outsiders-- or Catriona, who left the battle at the very beginning to hide and watch in what favor the skirmish would go.

After Siegruns ascension Aleyina struck deals with the new High Runesinger that would permit her Leanaí Iscia closer access to Flame’s Berth and most importantly the Runes and the knowledge thereof. In return Aleyinas wavewalkers brought grain and materials to aid in the repair of the mountain fortress.

In turn for Wavewalkers staying with the Gabhatine to teach them fishing, a small group of Gabhatine were sent to the Farraige a Rugadh Hills to aid in fortifying the sapphire mines of the earldom and begin work on reinforcing the armor and ships of those loyal to House Nathair with runic magic, as they prepared to expand their territory.

Expansion of the Cove Edit

59980 Nely comission2 Aleyina

Aleyina by LisaVdbos.

With the Fallow Crest nobility distracted by the damages of the quakes and the Dullahan clans focused on the appearance of Argus in the sky, Aleyina decided to expand her holdings north towards Falkenstone and Birkenhide. Though her intentions were questioned by Berenal, he ultimately came to understand her bold move towards land expansion during these times.

The Duchess secured, for herself, and the Ashen Coast the loyalty of House Murphy when she offered his people the territory of Birkenhide after the loss of their own home.

After bringing the Gabhatine into the fold of the Ashen Coast, Aleyina offered to teach them how to fish and build currachs the way the Wavewalkers did. In return Siegrun sent a small group of Gabhatine over to the Fallow Crest to aid in the reinforcements of the mining caves, the armor of those within the Earldom and the ships of the Wavewalkers, with the runes of the gabhatine.

After the completion of the armor of her people, Aleyina quickly turned to Birkenhide, moving her soldiers there while the currachs of Durstan Warpwood began to bully the shores of Falkenstone. Scheming and previous political tactics allowed for the leadership of Birkenhide to already be dealt with, permitting Aleyina to place Cedric Murphy into the position of Baronet almost immediately.


The revelation to the people of Birkenhide, that their former leader had been a demon sent by the Burning Legion to set up portals for his demonic accomplices made the transition of leadership far easier. The farming continued almost immediately, while the mines, now under the watch of Cedric are slowly being reinforced and taken care of.

Aleyina set out with her soldiers for Falkenstone next to aid Durstan and his son in taking the port town.

The true battle of the expansion was all focused in Falkenstone, as the soldiers of the Earldom surrounded Falkenstone and the Galuyn approached the land by sea, the nobility which had barricaded itself up on the cliff-side had sent down Imps, to send their message of resistance against Aleyina and the Duchy of the Ashen Coast. Battle continued for a long while, before the Galuyn soldiers were able to make their way into the Grand Hall of the nobility through a cunning plan devised by Aleyina, which sent her elite men up the cliff by the water through the rear, while Aleyina and her men distracted the nobility at the front of the gates with her own soldiers.

Once breaching into the cliff-side hide out of the nobility, their ties to the Legion were fully exposed, a portal in the center of the passage towards the Grand Hall of Falkenstone, had been summoning demons in for defensive purposes.

After long, hard battle between the demons and the soldiers of the Earldom, the succubus who had orchestrated all of this finally revealed herself, dropping her guise and hold upon the remainder of nobility who quickly accepted that they had been sacked by the Duchess of the Ashen Coast after being mind controlled by demons for months.

The Succubus was executed by Berenal and the Ánraoch and Falkenstone claimed by the Earldom of Iscia's Cove under Aleyina for the Duchy of the Ashen Coast.

Kolrick's Attacks Edit


Berenal, Aleyina and Gallowood fighting off Forsaken in Gilneas. by Maki

Shortly after expanding the Earldom's territory in the Fallow Crest, Warlord Kolrick began his assault upon the Ashen Coast-- one of his targets: Iscia's Rest.

Kolrick and Aleyina had heated exchanges in the past, and her victory over him and his Galuyn followers after rescuing their gods Iscia and Gurnye only cemented the strong hate between the two leaders.

Kolrick swore he would come for Aleyina and her lands and bring her Galuyn under the same banner as his own or alternatively kill them all.

Aleyina prepared by gathering men and women from the Blades, namely Remegis Velanaris and her husbands soldiers as an addition to her own forces and then sailed her ship south to have the High Runesinger of the Gabhatine perform a ritual that would enhance any of the Duchess' shadow abilities.

When Kolricks attack came upon the Earldom's lands, they were well prepared and though they suffered losses the ability of Gilnean and Galuyn forces working together ultimately won them the battle.

Aleyina was challenged by Oreste, one of Kolricks champion to an ancient tradition called Onóirbruín, which is a duel typically reserved for the Hierophant or the Godshunter of a Galuyn clan. Though Hierophant Odhran questioned Orestes station and ultimately desire to fight Aleyina over him, he permitted the challenge and allowed Aleyina to take his place.

The Duchess was able to defeat the man twice her size by tapping into her shadow magic potential through the runes carved into her back by the High Runesinger Siegrun an Gabhatine and through the Gcroílár Iscia.

After allowing Gallowood the final blow that brought a quick end to Oreste, Aleyina declared to her people of the Cove that they would prepare for full on war against the Gnarled Confederation, their trolls and any other allies Kolrick would gather under his banner.

Further Expansion and Calling of the Clans Edit

Aleyina Sheet

Aleyina and her Gilnean Warhorse By Yourimaginarytwin.

After the attacks lead by Kolrick upon the Ashen Coast Aleyina began to put plans into motion that would allow her to reach out to other Galuyn Clans in the Reach and bring them in under the Leanaí Iscia to built an army against the Gnarled Confederation for a Galuyn Civil War. Among those that joined with her were smaller groups of Gnarled soldiers lead by Finian an Lasair-uaine who had already proven his worth by slaying Gnarled Confederation soldiers who attempted to ambush the small group.

However Aleyina was not going to keep to the old ways of war for her people and instead began to reach for Midhurst of the Fallow Crest, a fully industrialized Barony, famous for making siege weapons. Leo'dryn Starsworn saw potential in aligning himself with the Duchess and the Ashen Coast as there was potential growth for his own Barony into an Earldom when Aleyina decided to petition for Marchdom of her lands. Not only did Leo'dryn join into the Duchy, but so did Lady Pearl Prescott, the Baroness of the neighboring Barony Westbreak, whom along with her luxury magical goods brought further potential to the Earldom.

The Final Push of the Legion on the Ashen Coast Edit

With their coming defeat upon Argus the Legion forces around the Ashen Coast began their final assault upon

Berenal and Aleyina in Banhurst

Berenal and Aleyina as they make their first non-military appearance in Bannhurst after the defeat of the Legion in the Ashen Coast. By Kanadekana

the Duchy, sending their strongest lieutenants into the various marches in an attempt to sew chaos and discord and tear the Duchy apart. Two allies made themselves known at this time, a Lightforged Draenei and a demon, who had been trouble for the Duchy in the past.

The Lightforged offered the Duchy aid if they had a chance to potentially gain a weapon from doing so, while the demon offered aid if he could leave Azeroth unharmed right after doing so.

Aleyina, being one of the loudest against allowing either the Draenei to aid or the Demon, quickly found herself at the center of controversy when she called for her own nobles to no longer engage with the rest of the Duchy should they choose to follow the orders of a demon.

Her husband Berenal, temporarily quelled the divide between the nobles by offering a quick solution for the time which neither confirmed working with the demon nor denied it. Aleyina however, stood by her word and offered aid by eradicating the demonic forces alongside her Galuyn and Gilnean soldiers but just as she warned at the meeting gave no further assistance outside of that and ultimately always returned back to Iscia's Rest where she worked on her own plans to attack the Legion tower which had been erected in the midst of the Cove.

After the push in the Reach against the Legion commanders, it was revealed to the Blades of Greymane that Kolrick had been terrorizing Galuyn clans along the coastlines in an attempt to gather them onto his side against the Duchy. Arming himself with a prophecy to both encourage the galuyn to rise against the Gilnean duchy as well as strike fear into their hearts, he proclaimed that the Duchy would be at it's weakest point after the Demons had been felled.

Continued War Efforts against Kolrick Edit

The Legion had barely been defeated and the tower barely removed from the cove when Aleyina sent forth a small group of her men towards the Grip, where Kolrick resided. Having gathered enough information about him in the past months she had found out about one of several children Kolrick had, this one- a son by the name Koilin an Dualach-Iaoch became her target.

The group was lead by Finian, a Gnarled soldier who joined along with his twenty men into the Leanaí Iscia, convinced this was the first step towards his revenge against Kolrick who killed the rest of the clan after their refusal to join with the Gnarled Confederation.

Koilin was abducted in the chaos during the the attack on the small village of the Grip by Galuyn soldiers entrusted with specifically that task and shipped back to Iscia's Rest where he is now kept a prisoner by Aleyina in hopes of shaping him and raising him against his father, Kolrick.

After the Spring rituals and blessings of the Galuyn, Aleyina began leading a charge against Kolrick with both her Galuyn soldiers and soldiers of the Blades.

Establishing his exact whereabouts first they attacked the ports and ships of the Gnarled confederation first, cutting them off from any escape. Aleyina with the soldiers than focused on Kolrick and his sons themselves, successfully killing four of his sons and significantly weakening Kolrick.

Kolrick however, with his troll companions shattered the Grip in half creating the Warrior Isles and with the aid of troll shamanism were pushed out far from the Ashen Coast.

Though it wasn't the success she was hoping for, she did rid the Ashen Coast of the Gnarled Confederation for the time, allowing the Duchy and the Blades to focus on other threats, especially with the ever further growing hostility of the Forsaken and the Horde.

The Stormwind House of Nobles Edit

Aleyina, along with her husband serve as Lord Foreigns of Gilneas within the House of Nobles of Stormwind. There, the only two branches they pay attention to are the War Ministry and of course the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Denouncement of the Minister of War Edit

Aley Bere hunting

Aleyina and Berenal on a recreational hunt with Cronin.

Aleyina herself had not been very impressed by the Stormwind House of Nobles since the seating Bill, but continued to make her way to meetings as a Lord Foreign of Gilneas. It wasn’t until the evening of April 9th, during the Ministry of War meeting however that Aleyina began to openly question the claims of the then Minister of War, who had no understanding or concept of War to begin with. The woman in question claimed that there was no war despite the very clear hostilities by the Horde who continued to attack Alliance at each opportunity.

After speaking with her husband on the matter, the two agreed to pen an official denouncement of the Minister of War, who very clearly did not understand the basic concept of the hostility of the Horde Warmachine. The denouncement, originally only meant to be a denouncement by the Lord Foreigners of Gilneas against the Minister of War, quickly garnered further attention and agreement by other official military personnel of the Alliance.

The domino effect of the denouncement resulted in instability of the House, resulting in a complete dismissal of all seated Ministers, leaving Aleyina satisfied at having ousted, in her eyes, a corrupt and inept noble. While there had indeed been no official declaration of war, to not prepare adequately and to be utterly dismissing the idea of posturing for a war before the High King signed off on it, despite clear hostilities, was foolish. To further solidify her opinion, the Grand Alliance meeting in the following nights led to many vocal supporters of her and her husband's views, notably a few having once supported the noble in question.

Council of the Coimeádaí Edit

Aleyina Berenal Galuyn

Aleyina upon her Galuyn throne made of driftwood with Berenal by her side.

The Council of the Coimeádaí is the spiritual leading body of the Galuyn people under the Kingdom of Gilneas. Seen as the spiritual successor to the Wickers, the Council is recognized as a representative for Galuyn interests among the Gilnean people. Manned by members of several different clans, some having been loyal to Gilneas for some time, the Council is seen as a much more stable successor to the Thorned Council and the Wicker King.

However the Council also has plenty detractors, two of the most significant being the Gnarled Confederation and the Leanaí Iscia.

Wicker Queen Edit

Though known to Aleyina she could never use the title Wicker Queen among the Galuyn she made it very clear that it was her desire to reach status of ruler among the Galuyn people in the future considering someone as disliked as Kolrick could reach the status. After the campaign that drove Kolrick out of the Ashen Coast the Duchess began her campaign against the Council of the Coimeádaí to unite the Galuyn people under her own cause rather than that of the Council.


Aleyina as seen during an excursion to Usi'neads island Drao'lean. Ciarbahíth can be seen behind her.

After the Council had allowed a unstable divide among the Galuyn that basically permitted the killing of each other the woman pushed for the need of the removal of the Council considering they were nothing more than Priests, more relying on the Gods to solve their problems then day to day issue that developed among the people themselves.

During the Shadows of Ashenvale campaign skirmish against the Horde, Aleyina began the potential work for the future cleansing of the Wicker Crown with other druids from the Kaldorei, Harvest Witches of Gilneas and the Druids of the Galuyn themselves. Her idea, as she expressed to her husband was to take the relic of Faye's lover which was acquired during the Spring Festival of the Galuyn, which held potent life energy, and combine it with the Wicker Crown, to potentially either cleanse whatever corruption was still held within or to cancel the the energies out of each other, but using the energy of the Druids to redirect the flow of magic within the relics to try and keep them from destroying each other in the process.

Not stopped there however, in case of failure, Aleyina began to draft plans to visit the island in the center of Usi'nead which is said to hold relics of the Wavewalker Galuyn ancestors and a portal to the watery graves of said ancestors. The visiting of the Island had been expressly forbidden among the Leanaí Iscia, however wrecks of ancient currachs littered the shore around Usi'nead taunting with past visits to the island.

The Flames of War Conflict Edit

While missing the first skirmish in Feralas, Aleyina made a point of joining the Alliance alongside her husband in the conflict against the Horde in Ashenvale. While not a skilled healer, she did offer mending through means of her shadow magic to try and take care of wounds just enough to get soldiers back to their outposts and to proper healers who could complete the job.

Prisoner of War- Shadows of Ashenvale Edit

After several nights of skirmishes against the Horde, Aleyina along with some Sentinels left Astranaar to begin collecting the dead as well as their insignia. Ambushed on the road by a small group of Bloodelven forces as well as a Forsaken, the Sentinels were killed and Aleyina dragged off to the Horde camp.

There, once she came to, she was immediately subjected to torture by Desstis Cloudfarer and another Bloodknight who wanted revenge for their earlier abducted Commander Erilihn Autumnsong. Aleyina was subjected to attempts of drowning, which did little in breaking her spirit however, due to her affiliation and heritage as a Wavewalker Galuyn who continue drowning rites to this day. Noticing the unbreakable spirit, Desstis began to electrocute the woman instead, which only lead to visible injuries, something they wanted to avoid up until that point.

Berenal eventually worked out a deal with the Horde via the communicators the Horde had taken from Inas'thas and Aleyina, calling for no torture on either side, though before Desstis departed Aleyina issued him a warning of her own, letting him know that whatever was done to her would be reciprocated tenfold to his commander Erilihn, whom Desstis seemed to have more investment in that went beyond working for the same Order.

The Horde elected not to add a anti-magic cuff or collar on Aleyina, which allowed her to use her shadow magic through the night to spy glympses of what was being done to Erilihn by her husband in return for her abduction, much to the Duchess' approval.

The following morning Inas'thas continued to be tortured, while Aleyina was left alone, but because of the agreement that was made, Aleyina had no qualms with taunting the Horde as they walked in and out of the prison, resulting in hours of arguments that went in circles only to frustrate Horde members further.

The woman declined any offerings of healings by the Horde, and instead requested shadowmending from an imprisoned Ren'dorei which was declined on multiple occasions, as a result Aleyina opted from being healed entirely.

As the Horde prepared their prisoners for the exchange, Aleyina once more declined food, healing, or to be washed or do so herself, choosing to make sure the Alliance would see that the Horde did not hold up their end of the bargain. She did however offer to heal Inas'thas who was revealed to have been burned over and over again only to be healed and the cycle repeated, however he declined.

Upon seeing her husband at the meeting point for the prisoner exchange, Aleyina once more used her shadow magic to allow Berenal to see the state of Inas'thas, so he would be the first to be exchanged. Desstis shortly after pulled a knife free threatening Aleyina once more. The woman once again used her shadowmagic to allow Berenal a glympse of Desstis' threats. The Horde quickly turned on Desstis warning him that whatever he would do to Aleyina would cause his lovers death potentially.

When the time came for Aleyina's exchange, Desstis choose to insult her again, calling her threats hollow. Since Aleyina however knew what was done to Erilihn she opted to taunt him one final time, by once more ushering the threat she had spoken the night prior, that anything that was done to her had been done tenfold to Erihlin in response.

The exchange went smoothly, and Aleyina was returned to the Alliance without further harm, greeting her husband with her usual snark before being returned to Astranaar under the guidance of General Leilla Fernfeather where she would later shadowmend her own wounds after some rest.

Weapons Edit

Aleyina keeps a number of weapons handy to amplify her own shadow magic and to defend herself in close combat. Among her weapons are daggers and jewelry infused with enchantments to aid her casting.

Cáthma Edit

Aley dagger

Aleyina's preference of weapons is Cáthma a curved dagger, a great representation of the ornate weaponry that was

crafted by the Wavewalker smiths. It features a handsome, wide, curving blade with a single smooth fuller running though it. The blade has ornate carvings on the back flat of the blade and five sapphires of various size set into it.

Cáthma is a family heirloom, handed down to the women of the A'Hearn family, Aleyinas mothers family. It was given to Aleyina after completing her magic lessons and proving herself to the Wavewalkers by sailing her own currach through Iscia's cove.

Gcroílár Iscia- The Heart of Iscia Edit


Art of Aleyina wearing Iscias Heart. by Tennine

Gcroílár Iscia, translated from Galuyn into common meaning the Heart of Iscia, is a dark blue to dark purple gem fashioned into a intricate piece of jewelry worn around the neck. Aleyina acquired the relic from the Hierophant of the Wavewalkers of the Farraige a Rugadh Hills in Iscia's Cove after reaching out to the Galuyn of the territory.

The gem is said to be the cast out void corruption that once nearly turned the sea serpent Iscia against the Galuyn. Sacrificing herself and starting a cycle of rebirth, the serpent cleansed herself of the corruption of the dark forces and used them to the benefit of the Galuyn. This cleansing of the corruption brought forth the gem which was said to be a splinter that came directly from the serpents heart. The gem aids casters in amplifying their shadow magic, so it is almost always worn by

Aleyina Armor


Companions Edit

Amúnae Edit


Amúnae is a fox companion of the Duchess and the result of void energy manifesting into the fox being after Aleyina embraced the shadow entirely for her own needs. The fox, acts as a familiar to the Duchess always attracted to her after shadow magic usage. A minor enchantment spell allows the fox to not be a swirling creature of shadow, and instead makes it look like a normal Fennec fox. While it may vanish after a certain time frame for lack of shadow usage it always reappears after Aleyina's submersion into Shadow magic.

Ría Edit


Ría is a large, long-haired white feline given to Aleyina shortly after the death of her brother Desmond. The cat enjoys being pampered and lounging about the Manor Nathair. Travelling with Aleyina to Wolfstone Castle the cat has certainly taken a liking to commandeering the pack of hounds residing at the castle. Ría enjoys spending time in Aleyinas lap while the Countess reads, being pet only on the head and occasionally under the chin.

Galuyn Wolfhounds Edit


Siobha by Asher

Aleyina keeps two large Galuyn Wolfhounds that were gifted to her by Berenal Grayblade. Cronin and Siobha were raised and trained at Wolfstone Castle by Berenal and are ferocious fighters on the field. They listen without hesitation to both Berenal and Aleyina and enjoy the pampering the Countess gives them, being treated as lapdogs despite their large size. The two Wolfhounds generally sleep at the foot of Aleyina's bed but are known to jump into the bed after Berenals departure. Cronin and Siobha are a Galuyn Wolfhound breed which


Cronin by Asher.

Galuyn trackers and hunters regularly make use of for their own hunts. Siobha is the more dominant of the two while Cronin is definitely the more spoiled and needy for direct attention. The hounds are known to follow Ría around treating her like their equal.

Greachán Edit

Greachán is a fine, strong stallion warhorse breed by Gilnean military. The stallion was raised to carry its owner into battle and be a good addition to any war since foalhood. The stallion was a gift to Aleyina by her husband Berenal.

Nissa Edit


A well kept secret, is the fact that Aleyina has a soft spot specifically for birds and keeps a small rookery for her own enjoyment which holds mainly Falcons. Her favorite is Nissa, a large Falcon with a length of around 20 inches and a wingspan of 42 inches. The bird has the typical slate grey colors with upper parts turning more grey-brown with a red back.

Aleyina has been known to take Nissa out for recreational hunts.

Relationships Edit

Lord Corcrán Edit


Aleyina and Berenal during the Galuyn Spring Festival. By Alteya

Aleyina who was raised to further the status of her family, was engaged to Lord Corcrán a noble of the Fallow Crest territories further in-land. Lord Corcrán was an elderly widower who had lost his previous two wives to childbirth. Twenty years Aleyinas senior, the woman was not very pleased by her families matchmaking but obliged. Meeting the noble man on and off during supervised visits. After Conall and Sinead sided with the Galuyn during their uprising against the Fallow Crest Lords however, the engagement was cancelled. Lord Corcrán was later dethroned by Aleyina when she retook Iscia's Rest and expanded her lands to the north-east.

Hierophant Odhran Edit

After reaching out to the Wavewalker remnants and establishing the Leanaí Iscia, Aleyina had a brief affair with the Hierophant of the wavewalkers. During that time Odhran made Aleyina the Waybinder of the Leanaí Iscia and gave her a number of sacred relics which aided Aleyina in cementing her position among the Galuyn, among those relics is the Gcroílár Iscia, the Heart of Iscia. Despite ending the affair shortly after, the Hierophant is still enthralled by Aleyina and does her bidding.

Berenal Grayblade Edit

Grayblade Nathair Wedding

Berenal and Aleyina being wed in the Farraige a Rugadh Hills by Dancinfox.

Aleyina reached out to Berenal privately, offering him a contract of marriage, making her Duchess and granting him the money and men needed. The two agreed in private but did not officially get engaged until after a successful campaign against the Dullahan clans.

Spending much time at Wolfstone Castle and Manor Nathair, when not on the battlefield the two have come to enjoy each others company and trust each other. Aleyina reached out to Berenal's children from the start of their contractual agreement and treats them as her own, even making Rose her apprentice and a Baroness in the Fallow Crest, giving her vital lands with Falkenstone, proving her devotion and loyalty to Berenal further.

Wedding to Berenal Grayblade Edit


Aleyina and Berenal were married at Farraige a Rugadh Hills in a traditional Wavewalker ceremony which consisted of Berenal retrieving his bride from the bridal boat and the two married in the water by the Hierophant of the Leanaí Iscia. After the ceremony the two were rowed to the Currach specifically decorated for the occasion with a brand new crest that combined the sigils of House Nathair and House Grayblade.

Despite the general tradition of spending three days upon the currach after marriage, Aleyina and Berenal broke the tradition by sailing towards the Ashen Coast and from there going to a variety of meetings that required their attentions.

Through a series of events later in the evening of the day Berenal and Aleyina spent their wedding night in the Stormwind territories instead of up north near their homes.

Children Edit

Aleyina formally adopted both Liam and Rose, Berenal's children from previous marriages, as her own and the pair has recently found out that they are expecting their own by summer.

Desmond and Dahlia Edit

Berenal with Aleyina and their newborns in Iscia's Rest. by IcedWingsArt

Aleyina gave birth to the twin babies, Desmond and Dahlia in the Farraige a Rugadh Hills of the Fallow Crest after suffering heavy stress in the Stormwind region which caused her to return to her home in Gilneas.

Berenal recommended naming their son after Aleyinas fallen brother Desmond while Aleyina named their daughter after another flower the way it was done with Rose.

The children were born on the 18th of April 1150 F.A. in the morning hours.

Aleyina, just as she did with the wedding, gave birth to her children through traditional Galuyn means. In these traditional means the child is born in the water considered the Wavewalkers first "drowning".

Dahlia, since birth has become far more independent in terms of sleeping through the night and being a well behaved baby all around. Desmond on the other hand prefers attention and and being around others in order to be calm.

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