Arath'al Campaign

June 12th, 1149 F.A.


June 18th, 1149 F.A.


Northfold Peaks, Arathi Highlands


Gilnean-Stromic victory

Major Battles/Events
  • Sieges of Trollslayer Point and Sentinel's Watch
  • Battle of Jintha'watha
  • Second Siege of Sentinel's Watch
  • Conquest Gate Sabotage
  • Fall of Apoclyon

Kingdom of Gilneas

Kingdom of Stromgarde

Syndicate Remnants
Wildhammer Clan

Burning Legion


Brigadier General Berenal Grayblade
Marshal Heinran Chapman

Kaitlyn Devinstein
Traglin Featherbeard

Apoclyon the Corruptor




The Arath'al Campaign was a campaign against invading Burning Legion forces in the Arathi Highlands. The Sons of Strom, a Stromic re-establishment order headed by Marshal Heinran Chapman, called in aid from their Gilnean counterparts, the Blades of Greymane, along with their Wildhammer allies and Syndicate remnants who banded with them to fight a common threat.

Sieges of Trollslayer Point and Sentinel's WatchEdit

The Blades, as the main vanguard of the Arath'al defenders, were called to break the tie between pushing north through the undead of Riverton or south through the Smoulderbranch trolls. Choosing to advance south against the trolls, the Blades and Wildhammer headed south to Trollslayer Point while the Syndicate and a garrison of Sons went to hold the northern Sentinel's Watch outpost.

However, while the Blades and Wildhammer forces marched towards Trollslayer Point, the outpost was sieged by a massive force of trolls, including an infernal-powered troll construct named the "Gift of the Gods". Nevertheless, the defenders of Trollslayer held the fort even better than was believed, and dismantled a majority of the Smoulderbranch force, including the "Gift of the Gods". Though it was initially believed that all of the defenders were slain, Ian Gawndey, Brother Borean, Lortik of the Wildhammer Clan and Jarryd, a warhound formerly belonging to one of the fallen defenders, were the party that brought back news of the trolls' weakened state.

Meanwhile, the defenders of Sentinel's Watch took heavy casualties against the Laign undead, with the Sons of Strom losing the majority of their forces and the Syndicate retreating from the field, back to Sanctus Fields. However, they also destroyed much of the invading undead, forcing the Laign forces to retreat to Riverton.


Due to the heavy casualties taken by the trolls, the Blades and Wildhammer circumvented Trollslayer Point entirely, leaving their soldiers to take on the trolls while the Inner Circle struck at the Ziggurat of Jintha'watha. Sneaking past the trolls, the Blades ascended to the top of the Ziggurat, where they faced off against Vol'zan. Defeating him by repeatedly forcing him to imbue himself with fel energy, Barreck Evinsson braved the conduit of the Soul Engine and redirected its energy into Vol'zan, bloating his body until it overloaded with fel and exploded.

Meanwhile, the Blades forces at Trollslayer took on the trolls, butchering them without a single loss. Their forces were then split in two, with half of them sent to reinforce the few Sons of Strom left holding Sentinel's Watch.

Siege of Sentinel's WatchEdit

The Blades moved to reinforce Sentinel's Watch, which soon came under attack from Terisa Laign's personal guard. Within minutes, the outer gate was destroyed by the Laign attackers, and the Blades quickly moved to hold the gate chokepoint to prevent their entrance. The undead sieged the outpost heavily, though the Blades' tactics managed to keep them beyond the outer walls until Terisa Laign, who with the fall of so many of her forces personally entered the field of battle, destroying the outer fortifications of the outpost with her magic, summoning Infernals to aid her and personally felling several Blades members until she was slain and decapitated by Berenal Grayblade.

The defenders of Sentinel's Watch valiantly held their ground with all the men and heavy artillery at their disposal, holding the Legion forces at bay until Terisa's death. Brother Borean, one of the Trollslayer survivors later promoted to Captain, brought reinforcements late in the battle in the form of a cavalry charge against the Laign dreadriders.

With the Laign troops leaderless and in a weakened state, the Syndicate remnants moved in and took control of Riverton, though they refused to aid the campaign.

Sabotaging the GateEdit

The next day, Gray Company infiltrated the Conquest Gate outpost, which was split in two camps between the trolls and undead with little Legion occupants beyond the gate itself. Disguised by illusions provided by Altanys Faemourn, Gray Company infiltrated the troll fortifications and incited them in violence against the undead, resulting in a fight breaking out at the gates. By the end, Gray Company not only burned down most of the outpost, but sabotaged the Conquest Gate, resulting in an explosion that destroyed the whole outpost and leaving it in flames and rubble.


With the Conquest Gate destroyed, there was little resistance preventing the Blades from engaging Apocylon in Forge Camp: Conquest. While the Blades and Wildhammer fought the remnants of the pit lord's forces, the Inner Circle attacked Apocylon directly. The demon commander attempted to corrupt them to the Legion's service, showing them a vision of the fall of Sylvanas Windrunner and the Forsaken in the Undercity with the Legion's aid. The Blades eventually broke through the illusion, angering Apocylon and making him show them a vision of the fall of Gilneas and King Genn Greymane, making his final stand in this illusion before being sent back to the Twisting Nether.

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