Archibald's Anchorage


Brigadier General Marcus Ebongrove


Southern Isle of Valor, eastern Stormheim


Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Gilneas



Archibald's Anchorage is a Gilnean port base located on the southern-most portion of the Isle of Valor in Stormheim. It was established in the prelude to the Shadows of Valor Conflict by forces under Brigadier General Berenal Grayblade of the Blades of Greymane to serve as a dedicated harbor to the main headquarters of Liam's Landing, whose harbor was uncompleted. However, due to the beginning of the fighting, neither base was completed.

Following the Blades' reassignment to Farimond in Val'sharah after their successful operation in the Valley of Strife, the Ebonguard under Brigadier General Marcus Ebongrove has taken command in southern Stormheim.

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