Bishop of Gilneas
Archibald Bishop


Human (Gilnean)




June 9th


Kingdom of Gilneas


The Shepherd
The Opulent
Bishop of Gilneas


Cara D'inal (Wife)
Thomas Bishop (Father, deceased)
Loraine Bishop (Mother, deceased)



Archibald Bishop, originally a friar found himself elevated to Bishop of Gilneas after an accidental name mix up with another Archibald who served in the same diocese. By the time the Clerics of Gilneas had realized their mistake the papers had already been processed and Friar Bishop, now Bishop Archibald Bishop was already called to orders in southern Gilneas where he now serves his flock.

The Bishop of Gilneas is often called Arch Bishop by his followers due to the confusion of his name and paperwork, upon his arrival in southern Gilneas.

The area he was assigned to, a very small diocese is well known for it's vineyards and wine trading. Bishop Arch Bishop, who had a well-known love for wine and it's making as a Friar was well received for his knowledge and understanding of the vineyards and thus helped along with flourishing his diocese.

Often seen rosey-cheeked he claimed it was due to the joy he received from aiding his diocese though many whispered it was merely that he found the keys to the wine stores again.

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