Barony of Beau's Tooth

Last Lord:

Cedrec Delcarn




Off the coast of the Bite on the isle of Beau's Tooth.


Light's Hand, Dun Argon, various farms


Light's Hand



The Barony of Beau's Tooth is a more recently upgraded holding within The Bite, formerly a Baronetcy, under the lordship of the House of Delcarn. Home to the Order of the Onyx Knights due to the current lord, Cedrec Delcarn, also acting as their Highlord, the island is extremely fervent in light worship and well defended. From the seat of Light's Hand, the Gilnean chapter of the Silver Hand can be found, training the first truly ordained generation of Gilnean paladins. The island is also home to a small colony of Wildhammer Dwarves within the settlement of Dun Argon, where they mine moonstones for the creation of Moonsteel for the Ashen Coast.

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