Barony of Ebonhollow

Last Lord:

Leria Enderlain




Western section of The Bite.


Seabreeze and a few small hamlets.





The Barony of Ebonhollow was a Barony ruled over by the House of Enderlain located in the western section The Bite along the coast. Named for the family who once ruled it, the Barony of Ebonhollow was led by Lady Leria Enderlain. It was destroyed when old Wicker magic went unstable, resulting in the explosion of Ebonhollow. What remained of the land was later merged with the Barony of Shorfall, creating the Viscounty of Lunargrove.

History of EbonhollowEdit

Age of the Ebonoak. Edit

Long before the Arathorian Colonization of Gilneas, the pagan people of Gilneas, the Wickers, ruled over much of the Ashen Coast. In the Northern-most region of the Ashen Coast, The Greenbelt (Present-day Earldom of the Veil) hosted many pagan clans both large and minor. With winter drawing near each year, clans inevitably encountered one another and broke into fighting over land and hunting grounds, which littered the the Greenbelt with bloodshed for years. Those too weak to fight were absorbed -- Either willingly or forcefully, though the latter was most common -- and gave rise to three, dominate clans in the region. While Clan Breakridge settled in the Center of the Greenbelt and Brackenthorn settled in the North, the southern-most region was left to the third prominent clan, the Ebonoak's.

Clan Ebonoak were arguably the largest of the Greenbelts clans, remnants of the disbanded Everflame Elder Blood clan. Despite their size and strength over the other clans within the Greenbelt, they were not conquerors. For most of their existance they kept to themselves, isolating themselves from their rivals as much as possible. This semblance of peace and order did not last, however. Clan Breakridge was splitering apart, leading the Wicker's of Ebonoak and Brackenthorn to attempt and strip what they could from their neighbors, leading to tension and hatred between the clans. Within a year, a large conflict erupting across the Veil later named the "War of the Red Basin" for the river where much of the conflict occured. Lasting a bloody five years, those who survived withdrew to their homes and attempted to recover. The Ebonoak's survived, returning to Ebonhollow and isolating themselves for years. 

Not long after this, a heavy, never-leaving mist starting to form in Ebonhollow. The Ebonoak's were never heard of again until the first contact with Arathorian's and due to heavy supersition about the region, no one attempted to settle there.

This would not last, however.



The rise and fall of House Ebonhollow.Edit