Barony of Edenford

Last Lord:

Aeliren Chesterhill




Southern section of the Range.


Edenford, Fort Gaelik, Folston Village, Crossbrook, various small hamlets.


Edenford (Formerly)
Fort Gaelik



Barony of Edenford


The Barony of Edenford is the southernmost region of the Range, bordering the Icecrest Mountains to the south. The region fell in obscurity approximately four centuries after its formation following the sudden deaths of almost all the members of the House of Chester in a suspicious fire at their manor. With the ruling house believed defunct, it was absorbed into the greater Range, but was mostly delegated to management by mayoral rule. It was ravaged during the Invasion of Gilneas, and it is one of the few regions of the Ashen Coast that remains largely in disrepair. The Barony was home to the seat of Edenford, the settlement of Folston Village and the fortified town of Fort Gaelik, all of which are either in ruins or abandoned, and it was once known for its richness in minerals. Due to being mostly abandoned, there was a noticeable lack of law enforcement in the region, which many bandits and criminals capitalized on, hiding in the ruins of Edenford. From there, they were known to occasionally harass the few locals of the region. They also seek the precious metals in the mines beneath the city, now very dangerous due to lack of maintenance after being abandoned.

Following the Second Range Rebellion, Edenford has become a center of criminal activities, leading to the Banditry of Edenford taking root in the region with a major cartel, establishing dominance over other criminals such as the Blades of None. With the former capitol as their base of operations, they took advantage of the general lack of law enforcement to hide. With the Legion invasion, the Barony holds one of the last Legion holdouts in the Ashen Coast, holding the town of Edenford against the remnants of the Banditry. Currently, the only areas in the barony that are in Gilnean control are Fort Gaelik and Crossbrook.

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