Barony of the Gull

Last Lord:

Iris Beaumond




Eastern Bite along the shore.


The Perch



The Barony of the Gull is a relatively new land holding located in the eastern portion of the Bite along the shore. It was created as part of a project by the Duke to make use of unused or under utilized sections of the Bite. Having had a fair amount of work done to it, the Gull was passed off to the House of Cobalstant when Bear's Grasp was revived as an Earldom for the family. It was given in name to Lucia Cobalstant, the heir of the House of Cobalstant, as a way of teaching the young girl how to properly lead as she grew older. However, little was accomplished within the Barony of the Gull, and after the Blades of None were ousted from the region, the land was in a state of disrepair and destruction. Following the eradication of the Blades of None, Duke Berenal Grayblade declared the Earldom of Bear's Grasp dissolved and the Barony of the Gull his direct vassal. Due to her loyalty and service to the Duchy, Iris Beaumond was made a noble of the newly-created House of Beaumond, and was given the Barony of the Gull with the charge to restore the land.

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