Lady Berina Ralerton
Berina Ralerton








Viscountess of Ashstorm


Kingdom of Gilneas




Donald Ralerton, father†
Nathaniel Gerald Ralerton, cousin†

Lady Berina Ralerton is the daughter of Lord Donald Ralerton, who died a year before the destruction of Taenia. Having just risen into the position around the time of her family's demise, Berina hid in her castle's safe room during the destruction of her lands, eventually shrouding her self by way of a necklace she had one of her still living servants enchant. Masking herself and some of her house retinue as undead, they found that the lands of Tolliver's Folly had been plagued and transformed, and to step out of the Dredge was to invite certain death upon themselves. Finding her family to have become raised and absolutely insane, Berina took her place at the head of her deranged kin, writing to Torick Kollivare nonsensical messages in response to each missive he sent her. Convinced she was dead and insane as the rest of her kin were, Berina restored the upper portions of what was now the Dredgehold.

Living comfortably with her court mage and servants, Berina's control over her people was unquestioned, as even in death they still obeyed their orders. Of her servants, none were greater than Nathaniel Ralerton, her cousin, who was slain by Taeric himself. Now fiercely defensive of keeping her life, the woman whose family life was devoted to the light is now guarded by a legion of undead, whose very skin has burned off due to their refusal to forsake the Light.

Berina herself has had her faith shaken since the murder of her kin and corruption of her home. While not the most devout, she, as all the other Ralertons, held the light closely. Now in these dark times, she cares more for her survival and that of her few living companions over any religion. Ever still, Berina holds true the Ralerton disdain for the Tyne name.

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