Blades of None


Sir Bradley Kevinson


Hollow Hill, the Bite


Blades of Greymane (Formerly)
Burning Legion



The Blades of None were a group of Blades of Greymane defectors who publicly claimed that the Blades and the Duchy of the Ashen Coast are corrupt. Their leader was Sir Bradley Kevinson, backed by the House of Jartya, and they were behind many of the bandit problems in the Duchy and made themselves known to them. Their activities were centered in the Bite, where they took Hollow Hill, and in the Reach around the border near Ridgebane.

When the House of Jartya joined the Burning Legion, the Blades of None followed. Supported by Legion technology and enhancements, they became even more of a threat as they attempted to summon the Legion to Gilneas from Hollow Hill. They were disbanded when the Blades of Greymane sieged their headquarters and eliminated the remaining Blades of None leadership following Ethan Soriswood and Lena Acornsfield's defections.

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