Lord Brutus Hartvale








Head of House Hartvale
Baron of the Hartwood


Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Gilneas




Melinda Hartvale (mother, deceased)
Abner Hartvale (father, deceased)
Melinda Hartvale II (sister)
Thurman Hartvale (cousin)
Countless Hartvales.

Lord Brutus Hartvale is the son of Melinda and Abner Hartvale. Eldest of Abner's children, Brutus is the heir of the House of Hartvale. Known for his skill with the warhammer as well as sword and shield, Brutus serves as Baron of the Barony of the Hartwood home to Ashwood and The Hartreave. Due to his blood from the House of Ashery, he was made the heir of Ashwood after the death of his mother's family. He has notably joined the duke's Wolf's Guard and has opposed his father till the Siege of the Hartreave where Abner met his death. He has thus joined the two Baronetcies of his families together and brought the Hartvales under him entirely as the first Baron of the Hartvales.

On his quest to restore the Ashwood Truncheon he briefly left the region on his ventures into the Plaguelands where he helped the Argent Crusade end a Forsaken "Rebellious" attempt in attacking an AC outpost along the road to Tyr's Hand. Invited to investigate it alongside some of the legendary figures of this Crusade, he earned their trust and their willingness to restore his mother's old weapon to the glory of the Light.

First they broke the truncheon's head off and attached it to Lightforge-Steel chain, the handle being blessed at the Tomb of the Lightbringer and the handle wrapped with what they told Brutus was cloth from one of the Lightbringers cloaks. They told Brutus to stay at the Tomb and wait for a sign on what to do next in his righteous quest. He waited there for eight days and seven nights, and on the eighth night, alone in the tomb he said that Uther came to him and told him to take his flail and protect his homeland, unlike how he was able too. His body glowed with the Holy Light as Uther gave him a blessing and his flail glowing with righteous energy's, he returned to the Bite and was made the Wolfsguard Captain. Believing this is his righteous cause, to protect the man who -CAN- protect the homeland best, he is fervent and loyal to Berenal Grayblade.

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