Type of Creature:

Animal, Dire Wolf


Blades of Greymane
House of Grayblade
Berenal Grayblade


The House of Grayblade (owners)
Berenal Grayblade (specific owner)

Notable Features:

Large hulking Dire Wolf.



Canrus was a large gray dire wolf that often accompanied Lord Berenal Grayblade as his companion after the death of his hound Relekar and the departure of his spirit wolf companio, Logrinn, back to Mount Hyjal. Having been raised by Lord Grayblade since he was a pup, Canrus was extremely loyal and protective of his master and his family. The wolf was been shown to be very willing to fight to the death to protect Berenal or the rest of the House of Grayblade. Canrus was surprisingly tame and lovable off the field; a stark contrast from his more widely known behavior of being a vicious killer on the field. The wolf easily befriended those within the Blades, but it showed before that his loyalties to Lord Grayblade outweighed any other.

Canrus acted as one of two of Berenal's wolf companions, the second being the much larger Garn, Talton. was killed aiding Berenal as he escaped Forsaken capture in the Blightlands. The body was returned home to Bannhurst where it was buried next to Relekar. Talton now serves as the singular wolf companion to the duke, following Canrus' death.

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