Lady Caridis Delythie




Worgen (Human)






Horde Butcher


The Blades of Greymane
The Bulwark
Grand Alliance




Berenal Grayblade (Ex-husband)
Jon Grayblade (son)


Caridis and her former husband Berenal Grayblade.

Caridis Delythie is a Lordaeron born Worgen warrior from north eastern Lordaeron in what is now known as the Eastern Plaguelands. She is a member of the Gilnean re-establishment order, The Blades of Greymane which is currently led by her ex-husband Lord Berenal Grayblade. She currently has one child with Berenal, Jon Grayblade. Though she is not Gilnean born, she has pledged to help retake the kingdom in hopes of destroying the Forsaken who currently rule over the lands of Lordaeron, as well as to be able to fight the New Horde alongside allies.

She gained the Curse of the Worgen following an incident in Silverpine Forest where she was bitten by one of the feral Worgen that prowled the landscape. She has served in multiple orders, such as the First Regiment and later as part of Grey Haven, where she acted as Shield-Elder before resigning her position.

She had been granted lordship over Cobal's Hold by her husband, and under her leadership the town has been completely restored and garrisoned as a military base. The soldiers within the town bear the banner of the House of Grayblade as well as the Blades and under go strict training in order to be properly prepared for battle with the enemy. It is noted that within the town that all residents must pull their own weight, starting at a young age, though work for the young is often restricted in order to prevent excessive child labor. As such it is common to find the peasantry aiding about the town, with the young doing menial tasks such as fetching water or helping to repair small parts of the town. It has since fallen under new leadership.

During the campaign on Draenor, Commander Delythie was missing in action after the battle against Archimonde. No body had been found, yet she was not seen again. Years later, as the Champions of Azeroth invaded the demon homeworld of Argus, Caridis can be seen fighting with the Army of the Light.


Caridis and her wolf Nymeria.