Greatbinder Clarisa an Cráifeach










Greatbinder of the Thorned clan
Lady Darkwatcher
High Coimeádaí of Faye


The Blades of Greymane
Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Gilneas
Thorned Clan




Khloros Darkwatcher
Ethin Darkwatcher (Son)

Leader of the Thorned clan, Clarisa Thorned (Clarisa an Cráifeach in Galui) represents the changing mentality in the Galuyn Clans. Known as the Greatbinder for one of the strongest druidic clans still remaining, Clarisa leads her people alongside her husband with hopes for a united Reach (both Gilneans and Galuyns).

Though somewhat cautious, she is not a timid person. Able to wield a variety of potent magics as well as heal even the most severe wounds, Clarisa is an extremely accomplished druid. Having been chosen at a young age to succeed her predecessor, Ethin, Clarisa was a prodigy during her youth. Grasping spells that most would need years to master in a matter of months and absorbing lore of their people like a sponge, she was perfect to lead. Despite their initial relationship as a pupil and master, Ethin treated Clarisa as a daughter as time went on. Spending hours at a time sometimes doing nothing other than idle conversation, the two had an inseparable bond.

During the Worgen outbreak, a Worgen managed to infiltrate Hirene. Despite his powers, Ethin was bitten on the arm and turned after the Worgen was slain. Placed into a druidic coma by his people, the Thornwinds splintered apart as Clarisa was ill suited to lead due to grief. After encountering a night elf druid, Shan'do Relin Nightwind, the people of the Thornwind clan were exposed to the harsh reality of their defenders; the Bareroot. From this came the Marshborn, a splinter clan, led by Shan'do Nightwind who had been injured and bound to a mushroom. The Marshborn claimed the Bareroot was sickening, and though he did not understand their ways, Shan'do Nightwind could not support their creation. Through the intervention of the Blades, primarily Khloros Darkwatcher (whom she would later marry), the Thornwinds were reunited, Ethin saved, and Shan'do Nightwind brought to Hirene as a guide.

Clarisa eventually did take her father figure's place after his death during the Second Range Rebellion. Through tear stained eyes, Clarisa held Ethin in his final moments as he lavished her with praise and passed on. Though guided by his spirit from time to time, Clarisa has taken leadership on her own and has slowly become the guidance her people need.

The Thornwinds, under Clarisa, eventually ascended into the ranks of the Elder Blood again, resuming the name of the Thorned, with Clarisa taking a seat on the Council of the Coimeádaí as the High Keeper of Faye.

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