Lord Derrik Greyfield, Marcher Lord of the Reach










Lord of the House of Greyfield
The Bastard Boy
Marcher Lord of The Reach


The Blades of Greymane
The Bulwark
Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Gilneas




Lord Cail Greyfield (Father, deceased)
Unknown Mother
Lady Sieglinde Greyfield (half-sister)
Lord Brandon Greyfield III (half-brother, deceased)
Sir Hevrin Greyfield (half-brother, deceased)
Erik Greyfield (half-brother, deceased)
George Greyfield (half-brother, deceased)

Marcher Lord Derrik Greyfield is one of the last known members of the House of Greyfield, having originally been born as a bastard of Lord Cail Greyfield. Originally kept a secret, the little lord became a known member of the family and was legitimized after the believed death of the last trueborn heir, Sieglinde Greyfield.

Derrik is currently being instructed by Lord Berenal Grayblade as his ward so that he might better rule the Reach when his time comes in several years. He was originally regented by his sister's former steward, Viscountess Lilurah Lockewood, though the regency was eventually handed off to Dame Maribell Parsons, the Siegebreaker. His regency was handed off a final time after Dame Parson's pregnancy and resignation from the position to Lord Lerren Darkoak. Following the discovery that Derrik suffered from a heart condition that resulted in him falling ill if an extreme amount of stress was placed upon him, Derrik made Lerren the first Lord-Protector of the Reach as well. This placed Lerren in a permanent seat of power in the Reach as the right hand of the region as well as making Lerren personally responsible for ensuring Derrik is kept safe.

Following Sieglinde's return, the two have thus far remained cordial with each other, but they do not appear to treat each other as brother and sister, rather as just typical kin.

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