Dorian Estate
Dorian Manor
The Dorian Estate, placed on the cliffs above the sea.

Current Owner

Aurelia Dorian


Friendly, Order of the Onyx Knights


Western Coast of the Northern Headlands

Overview Edit

The Dorian Estate is a small area situated on the coast of the Northern Headlands. Atop the rocky seaside cliffs rests the estate. Previously ruled over by Lord Jasper Dorian and used for purposes of his cult for his conquest upon the Headlands. Aurelia Dorian has since claimed it after the passing of her father and has refitted it to benefit the Order of the Onyx Knights.

History Edit

The estate was built by Lord Jasper Dorian after the death of his wife when they still lived north of the Greymane Wall. Under illusions and magic the estate was kept hidden aside from the unlucky sailors whose ships ran aground here. It was used for the sole purpose of breeding an army of both cultist and demon to get revenge upon Gilneas and the Crown for having put up the wall and causing the death of Jasper Dorian's wife. After Dorian launched an attack upon the island of Beau's Tooth, was when the location became known and the Onyx Knights responded to the attack. Though the assault was just a rouse to lure away the defenders of the island so it might be taken by Dorian's real army, however due to the quick actions of his daughter, Aurelia, the group was saved and Beau's Tooth soon after.

Current Purpose Edit

Currently, Aurelia and Silas have cleared away what remained of the demonic and cult forces from the estate, now using it as a respite for sailors whose ships run aground and for use by the Onyx Knights. The illusionary magics still preside in some areas of the Manor, allowing for it to be used as a suitable training ground.

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