Earldom of Gryphon's Roost

Last Lord:

Adrian Gregor




Central Range

Subsidiary Holdings:

Viscounty of Gryphon's Roost
Barony of the Dusk Thicket


Gregor's Crossing



The Earldom of Gryphon's Roost is a territory located in The Range and is a newer installment as one of Lord Adrian Gregor's first political moves, by way of his advisory council. The Earldom of Gryphon's Roost encompasses the Viscounty of Gryphon's Roost and the Barony of the Dusk Thicket, combining the two into a centralized form of Gregor power in the Range. As a result, it allows for the Gregor family to hold dominion over lands formerly separated within the Range within personal boundaries, granting greater freedom at large rather than having to consult others when making decisions of the Range. The title is held by the lord marcher of the Range as well as the viscount of Gryphon's Roost, thus making the title unused outside of notarization.

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