The ruins of Edenford, present day. Reference Art.

Last Known Leader

Lord Edward Chester


Southern Gilneas, the Range


Kingdom of Gilneas (Formerly)
Banditry of Edenford



Edenford was the seat of the Barony of Edenford, located in the southeastern part of the Ashen Coast of Gilneas. Founded shortly after the War of Aderic, it was given to Gaelik Chester to administrate as reward for supporting the new king of Gilneas, Aderic I. Its economy rested upon the minerals from the local mine, but there were a few small fields located just outside of town used for agricultural purposes.

The city fell in relative obscurity after the deaths of nearly all the members of the House of Chester four centuries after its founding, and was destroyed during the Invasion of Gilneas. Today it is inhabited by bandits and criminals taking advantage of the lack of law enforcement in the region and is the base of operations of the Banditry of Edenford, a major criminal cartel running illegal operations out of the barony.