Riamhtine Clan
The Everflame Crest

Lead By:

Urieyn an Riamhtine


Eldritch Study, Magic


Old Ways

Common Name

The Everflame





Successor Clans

Ashmeadow, Dragonheart

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The Everflame clan, or Riamhtine, are an Elder Blood clan of the Galuyn people. They wre devoted to the study of runic magic and arcane study; having preserved the ancient teachings of their ancestors until their dissolution.

Seen as eldritch scholars, the Everflame delved into magic and endeavored to pursue more and more magical knowledge for their people.

After exposure to Arathor, the Everflame were able to swell with magical knowledge, eventually serving in capacity with Gilneans in joint ventures. As a result of this; the Everflame were looked at with distrust due to their closer than normal relationship outside of their own people.

During the Second War of Thorns, the Everflame served the Wicker King; but advised against heavy handedness towards the Gilnean people. Rather, they encouraged diplomacy.

When the king fell the madness, the Everflame were enslaved after the Oakenborn rebelled out of fear of the mages joining them. Slaughtered in the field and left to die repeatedly, the Everflame suffered heavily until the king's death. Following this, many of the Everflame fled north, despite their clan being declared free following the kings death.

Many retreated into The Bite or the Fallow Crest; a great many assimilating into the familiar Gilnean culture. Those that remained distanced from non Everflame clans, becoming reclusive Hedge Wizards and the subject of folktales due to being forest wizards. As a result, the Elder Blood clan collapsed, though their people lived on. What little remained of the original clan stayed in Wickenden; though it was an extremely small amount of people, and barely constitutes as a true Elder Blood.

Unlike Dalaran, the Everflame did not teach against dark magic; though fel was relatively unheard of. As a result, many master Everflame were proficient at harnessing void energy. Outside of void magic, many Everflame were skilled rune casters and blood mages, blood magic being extremely prevalent among followers of Yolth. Due to this, they were one of the few Elder Blood who accepted Yolth worshipping readily, placing the knowledge gained before anything else.

Unlike other clans, many Everflame gravitated to the Dark Woods; even in their time as the elder blood clan. Prior to the collapse of the Galuyn people; they held conclaves there, somehow able to evade the wroth of the Mire Lords.

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