Fairwind Port
Fairwind Port
Fairwind Port


Lord Nicholas Graveshire


Greymoon Isle


The Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Gilneas
Storm's Crag
House of Graveshire



Fairwind Port is the biggest port in Storm’s Crag making it the earldom’s primary port for importing goods. It is located on the Viscounty of Greymoon Isle, run by the Earl Nicholas Graveshire.

History Edit

Fairwind Port is a new port located on Greymoon Isle. It did not exist before Sir Nicholas Graveshire built it upon the lands, but once the progress started, it only grew in size. That growth was stifled when House of Auber launched an attack on it, leveling much of the port to the ground, and many innocents were slaughtered on that day. It acted as a base for the Grey Hand’s operations until the order left the island.

Today, it has been rebuilt with stronger defenses and a bolstered navy. The many individuals that remain from the Grey Hand use Fairwind Keep as a barracks to perform missions.

Geography Edit

The town is set on a rocky, cliffy shore with little beaches. The air is salty and cold from the sea breeze rolling in.

Resources Edit

Little resources are available from Fairwind or the area around it. It’s primary job is militant and naval goals. However, the following is a list of resources:

  • A shipwright available on commission.
  • Salt harvesting from the sea.
  • Seafood and fish.

Culture Edit

The people of Fairwind are a rough-around-the-edges bunch, being composed of bawdy sailors and soldiers. Within the city, there are many taverns to frequent with some doubling as underground, low key brothels. There are still civilians who live in Fairwind, but that is mostly due to their families being involved in the navy in one way or another.

Like the rest of the Isle, it is religiously neutral, but priests can be found throughout administering rights and giving small sermons to those who desire it.

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