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See also, Blades of Greymane

Galui or Wicker is a language used predominantly by the large pagan culture known collectively as the Galuyn, whom once made up the faction known as the Wickers. Claimed to be the language of the original pagans of Gilneas prior to their annexation into the Empire of Arathor, Galui is a slowly dying language. It possesses little to no written form outside of runic markings that typically denote either one or multiple words of similar meaning, leading to even further issue with the preservation of the language.

It is spoken by the Wicker clans alongside Common and is taught exclusively by word, typically by the clan's Hierophant or his apprentices whose job it is to preserve their culture and religion. The language is typically used in several verses of prayer to the spirits of the wilds by the most religious of the pagans, and it has bled out into the Reach region of the Ashen Coast among a small population who possess minor Wicker roots and those who wish to revive some of the more ancient customs.

The language's lack of a written form has led to various splinter dialects, though for the most part it keeps to the base and provides a communication line for the pagan peoples outside of just Common. It persists on in the small pagan communities of the Blackwald as well, though it is far less common and the language's meanings are typically lost among the common folk. Runic markings in Galui can be found about the trees of the Blackwald, a few even adorning the roots of the Great Tree Tal'doren.

Due to its rather stunted nature, Galui is not commonly spoken among the greater Gilnean populace, some completely unaware to its existence.


  • For lack of any sort of time to completely make a new language, Galui is primarily proxied as the Irish language. People are free to incorporate the language as they wish towards their Old Ways RP, we ask only proper credit be given for the idea.

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