Crown Prince Gerald Greymane






89 F.A.


Crown Prince of Gilneas


Kingdom of Gilneas
Wyrmslayer Cohort


Aderic Greymane II, father
Teran Greymane, brother
Gwen Greymane I, sister
Teran Greymane I, son
Sammith Silverlaine, uncle



This is the page for the son of Aderic II and the leader of the first Wyrmslayer Cohort. You may be looking for the page of King Gerald Greymane I.
"They cursed the flames they once worshiped at their death."
—Gerald Greymane

Crown Prince Gerald Greymane (89 F.A. - 136 F.A.) was the eldest son and heir of King Aderic Greymane II, founder of the Greymane line and victor of the Twins War. Though a well enough warrior in his own right, Gerald was always over shadowed by his younger brother Teran in terms of expertise. Despite this, the two were immensely close and Gerald was shattered when Teran fell in battle to the Black wyrm Larelion.

In 120 F.A. Gerald's brother Teran gathered a band of Gilnean adventurers to slay the Black dragon Larelion, falling in battle against the dread wyrm. Infuriated, he sought to form a stronger band of dragon slayers to avenge his brother but was talked down by his father and sister. He eventually had a son, naming him Teran in honor of his brother. Ten years later, after Larelion rampaged on foot across southern Gilneas due to the wounds he sustained fighting Teran, Gerald readied his band, the Wyrmslayer Cohort, unable to be talked down by his father or sister.

For the next six years, Gerald's cohort crusaded against the wyrmcult, eventually discovering the location of Larelion's lair. Entering, they fought Larelion's mate Terraxya before the dread wyrm himself appeared. The Black dragon revealed that the wyrmcult had infiltrated the cohort, and that even then they were destroying those who remained outside the lair. The cohort charged the dragon, engaging it in combat. In the ensuing fight, the entire band was killed save for Sir Faldon, and the dragon was critically wounded, his right eye brutally gouged out by Lord Andras Ebonhollow with the late Teran's spear, Wyrmslayer. What happened after is unknown, but the only one who survived was Sir Faldon, who returned to King Aderic Greymane II with the melted Wyrmslayer in hand. King Greymane died of illness in the week that followed Sir Faldon's return, beginning the reign of Gerald's son Teran, with his sister Gwen as Queen-regent.

His remains, along with those of the first Wyrmslayer Cohort and Teran's band were discovered when his son's cohort finally slew the wyrm, at the cost of Teran I's life. He was laid to rest in Aderic's Repose along with his brother and son.

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