An alchemist at work.

The Gilnean Royal Alchemical Society (simplified as GRAS or the Royal Chemists) is a long standing organization dedicated to alchemical research. The forefront of their research is medicinal, with only secondary pursuits into transmutation that comes along with the practice. Founded by King Sebastian Greymane in 171 F.A., the Royal Chemists have cured various diseases and plagues that have run rampant through Gilneas throughout the centuries, the first of which being the curing of Grey Pox. Gilnean libraries are lined with texts from the society and their accomplishments, with the Society's Headquarters within the Military District of Gilneas City as being one of the most well funded in the capitol. Though the Royal Chemists instruct and teach many, only a select few are brought into the official royal court. Even then, monarchs of Gilneas typically have many royal chemists at their side, they tend to appoint one as a leader amongst them. These guildmasters of sorts are typically not found far from the side of the monarch and are typically credited for many alchemical breakthroughs that may occur during their lifespan.

In modern times, the Society has suffered a massive loss in terms of their membership, with their headquarters having been ravaged by the Worgen; indeed many claimed that during the end of the outbreak, they saw countless worgen draped in chemist uniforms. Though the society was a large one, their numbers have dwindled and the most well known royal chemist is Krennan Aranas who was famed for saving Princess Tess Greymane's life as an infant and later for creating a serum that temporarily restored one's mind from the Curse of the Worgen. As of the fall of Gilneas City, Aranas currently acts as the leader of the society. In its current state, the Society has moved shop to Darnassus within the Howling Oak and to Stormwind City where they share their knowledge with other aspiring chemists of the Alliance. They have not allowed the Invasion of Gilneas to pause their work as many of the chemists that still yet live continue to fervently research new medicines for their people, now unimpeded by the Greymane Wall.

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