Gilneas Liberation Front

Main Leader

High Commander Darius Crowley

Secondary Leaders

Commander Lorna Crowley

Base of operations



Kingdom of Gilneas
Gilnean Military
Grand Alliance


Reorganized into the Gilnean Army

The Gilneas Liberation Front was a resistance group formed from the remnants of the Gilnean Military. Made up primarily of whatever remained of the armed forces following the fall of Gilneas, these troops have been shown to be much more well equipped and well trained than the standing militia. The GLF has been known to incorporate not only human but worgen combatants, which gives the order a distinct edge over most other fighting parties they faced.

Many of the GLF's membership could be traced back to Lord Darius Crowley's Northgate rebel group as well as many who followed his leadership after being freed from their feral mind state in Tal'doren. The GLF was the primary force leading the liberation of Gilneas from Forsaken tyranny, securing key victories that led to the Forsaken abandoning the region.

They have also enlisted the aid of the feral worgen of Silverpine, many of which were once civilians of the Gilnean towns of Ambermill and Pyrewood Village; which were once Crowley's lands before they were blocked off by the Greymane Wall. There has been a great deal of controversy after Lord Crowley abandoned Gilneas City and the battle in Silverpine to rescue his daughter, Commander Lorna Crowley, who had been captured by the now undead traitor, Lord Vincent Godfrey.

Following the return of the Burning Legion, King Genn Greymane ordered the restoration of the Gilnean Army to combat the demon threat. The forces of the GLF were likely reshuffled into the army, as Lord Crowley and his daughter took command positions within the Gilneas Brigade.

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