The Glory-class battleship was the standard type of ship developed by and in use by the Kingdom of Gilneas. These ships, borrowing from the design of the Gryphon-class, are smaller than their inspiration. While initially envisioned as being faster and more maneuverable, the Glory-class was found to still be partially cumbersome upon the seas; though particularly still effective if not to the standard Gilnean tactics. Hosting thirty guns in total with ten swivel cannons top deck, the Glory-class offers an adaptable method to combat. Swivel cannons can be loaded with chain-shot, which does less damage, but can immobilize enemy ships.

This allows for the Glory-class to rely on out-maneuvering their opponents rather than banking on the heavy armor and hulls of the Gryphon-class. Hosting some plating, the Glory-class can ram their enemies for no personal damage, though they take damage when rammed from behind or the sides. The Glory-class is designed for Gilnean waters over its predecessor, seeing it become extremely common in home defense and away offense.

The Glory-class was eventually phased into a semi-commissioned status and reclassified as a Battleship. While the design is still made on a selective basis, the newer Corvid-class is seen as more faithful to the initial intentions of the Glory-class.