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Gray Company, publicly known as the Ashen Armada, referred to the fleet of ships sailing out of the Ashen Coast of Gilneas. Following the death of Admiral Damien Marshoak during the Second Range Rebellion, the Armada was placed under Thomas Balamont DeFortiere , under the alias of Admiral Ambrose Hays. The Armada was then retooled from a simple navy. While publicly they were the Duchy's naval force, behind the scenes they were Gray Company.

Officially, Gray Company does not exist, and in addition to its usual naval tasks it handled some of the more morally dubious tasks that the Duke could not have on his hands but that must be done, such as assassinations and thievery. The company went inactive following the defense of the Grip, with the Ashen Armada re-delegated to shore patrols after the "death" of Ambrose Hayes and, after a reformation of ranks, was later placed under the command of Idrya Haven and Admiral Zale Marshoak to be commissioned back to active duty.