Guillaume Duval
Guillaume Duval










Louis Duval, father
Valérie Duval, mother
Geneviève Duval, sister

Sir Guillaume Duval (April 1st, 1123 F.A. - Present) is a serviceman of the Isle of Havre and the current head of the Havreian knightly House of Duval, along with his sister Geneviève.


Born to Louis and Valérie Duval on Havre, Duval was the eldest son of a wealthy merchant family of Laffi that descends from one of the heroes of the Second Wyrmslayer Cohort, Florence Duval.

Duval entered service as a musketeer serviceman at the age of 16, and later joined the Bastion of Havre under Jean De'matrise after realizing the corruption of the Order of the Blood-Wrought during their dictatorial rule over Laffi. His parents were later murdered by the Order along with most of the population of Laffi while he was away.

Following the liberation of Havre, Duval mostly remained with the Havreian musketeers, and later joined them in Cyrvall when they came to the aid of the Blades of Greymane, whom Duval personally joined and fought alongside with during their attack on the port city of Radiance.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

  • Marksmanship: As a serviceman of the Isle of Havre, Duval has been trained in marksmanship during his time in service in the Havreian forces. He is an excellent shot with both pistol and musket.
  • Martial Fighting: Thanks to his training as a musketeer, Duval is well-trained in swordplay, though he typically resorts to it when he can't use his ranged weaponry.
  • Languages: Duval is a fluent speaker of both Common and Havrei, the latter of which he enjoys sprinkling in his phrases even when speaking in Common.


Built lean and skinny, the 6'4" Guillaume Duval proudly stands in his light padded armour and coat. He sports a neatly-trimmed dark brown goatee and mustache, and his combed hair is hidden underneath his nice hat. His long steel rapier is sheathed at his belt along with two holstered pistols, and he carries a musket on him nearly at all times.


Behind his militant appearance is an educated and well-read man who is a self-described historian, often found dabbling in the Eastern Kingdoms' past. His personal study back in Laffi contained books and scrolls on a variety of subjects from ancient myths and legends to early records of the Seven Kingdoms, and more recent discoveries such as Pandaria.

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