Hahnee finished






Cladriah Felweaver




Chaotic Neutral


Unnamed father (Deceased)
Unnamed Harpy mother (Deceased)
Rahsuka (Adopted Father)

 Hahnee is a Windfury Harpy. Born into a small clan of harpies in the Barrens. She currently resides in Faewood with Cladriah Felweaver.


Hahnee was born in a small harpy Clan in Stonetalon. Her mother was one of the scouts, that would report enemies, and prey. Her clan was attacked by orcs. She was brought to the Tauren Rahsuka. As a druid found her injured. Her mother, and clan was wiped out in the attack. Rahsuka being a druid of the talon took the harpy youngling in. Named her after his sister, hahnee. Rahsuka raised her since. Years later as she became an adult, he sent her to help a Alliance felcaster named Cladriah Felweaver. Wanting to use her to help spy on the Kor'kron in Northern barrens. She became his eye in the sky as his scout. She helped tell Felweaver of critical locations of the True Horde, leading to several impressive victories. Eventually, the Kor'kron figured out Cladriah's secret weapon, and chased her down. Hunting her to the Dry hills, they slew many harpies before almost slaying Hahnee. Cladriah's intervention saved Hahnee from death as he slew the Dark shaman that hunted her. Carrying her to safety, Hahnee  pledged a life debt to Felweaver, and followed him since. Despite insults that she is a sky rat from Cladriah's Lordaeron companions. He kept her with him, and cared for her. Eventually she became an occasional mate of Felweaver. 

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