Marshal Heinran Chapman










Marshal of the Stromic Military
Lord of Arath'al
Leader of the Sons of Strom


Sons of Strom
Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Stromgarde




Melissa Chapman (wife)
Tyria Chapman (daughter)
Daniel Geritain (son in law)

Marshal Heinran Chapman is the current leader of the Sons of Strom, a re-establishment order based in Stromgarde with the aims of representing the Stromic people as well as keeping their culture and pride alive until the eventual reclamation of the Kingdom of Stromgarde from the forces that have assailed it. Heinran is an aged veteran, having served faithfully through all three Great Wars of Azeroth and was present for the march into Outland. Having found Danath Trollbane to still live, Heinran returned to Stromgarde following the Outland campaigns to re-establish the Sons of Strom, an aged order that was once affiliated with his bloodline. Doing so from his fortress home of Arath'al, Heinran was able to gather a sizable amount of men and women of Stromic blood to his call, with both his daughter and son in law leading underneath him. Since its re-establishment, the Sons of Strom have acted as a bastion to the people of Stromgarde, seeking to aid with the restoration of their once great kingdom.

Heinran currently leads from his home in Arath'al alongside his family, with his wife Melissa handling the more political matters of estate. An aged warrior of many battles, Heinran is prepared to fight the good fight until his dying breath.

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