House of Avernus

Coat of Arms

Sable and Azure, parted Per Chevron; sable and, Pall; Argent, Raven rising, sable.


"Loyalty and Truth"


Avernus Manor, Mistvale

Current Head:

Lady Aya Avernus


Gilneas, the Ashen Coast


Earldom of the Veil

Vassal of:

House of Grayblade


Kingdom of Gilneas, Grand Alliance


House of Enderlain, House of Hartvale.


Brennor Avernus I

The House of Avernus is a Gilnean Noblehouse based in the northern regions of the Ashen Coast. Their lands consist of the Earldom of the Veil, though destroyed following the Horde invasion. They have sworn vassalage to the House of Grayblade and are subsequently aligned (and a member of) the Blades of Greymane.


The old Avernus crest.

The Avernus crest was changed by Lady Aya Avernus, the current lady of the House, following her interactions with the ancient Yim'nir. It now features a rising raven, where there was once a white gryphon.

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