House of Cobalstant

Coat of Arms

A blackened shield with gold inside with a black bear.


Strength above all.


Cobal's Hold (living)
Dread Sleuth (undead)

Current Head

Earlessa Maribell Cobalstant
Lord Hendrick Cobalstant


Gilneas, The Ashen Coast


Earl of Bear's Grasp
Marcher Lord of the Bite (formerly)


Earldom of Bear's Grasp
The Bite (formerly)


The Bite lords
House of Greyfield (Formerly)


Kingdom of Gilneas, Duchy of the Ashen Coast (living)
The Forsaken, Horde. (undead)


Merge of House Cobal and House Stanton

The House of Cobalstant was a once affluent Gilnean noble house that ruled the Ashen Coast of Gilneas in a region known as The Bite. Formed by the merging of two feuding families, the Cobals and Stantons, during the establishment of the Kingdom of Gilneas, the Cobalstants have a long and bloodied history and were known for being ruthless unforgiving individuals.

A rather unloved yet strongly religious House, the Cobalstants secured their dominance of the Ashen Coast with the establishment of the town Bannhurst, which boasted a large and plentiful gold mine which secured their wealth. With Bannhurst, Cobal's Hold and Karnsburg under their control, the region of the Cobalstant's power was later named The Bite for ease of reference, and thus they became the Lords of the Bite.

Despite their strong and fierce history, they were destroyed after a riot when Lord Balfred Cobalstant hosted a feast in Bannhurst at Cobalstant Manor, where the entire Cobalstant family was slaughtered and the House of Grayblade came into power in the area as a result. The Cobalstants went defunct about fourty years before the Invasion of Gilneas and about twenty years before the erection of the Greymane Wall.

The Cobalstants were raised into undeath by the Forsaken during the Battle of the Bite, where generations of Cobalstants and their banner men were raised. Casting their lot in with the Forsaken, Lord Hendrick Cobalstant has taken leadership of the once great family in undeath.

A living branch of the family exists by way of Maribell Cobalstant, formerly Maribell Parsons. The Warden was found to be a bastard of the Cobalstant lineage and was legitimized by the duke on the stipulation she forfeit the family's claim to any preexisting titles. Upon doing so, she was elevated to a full peer.

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