House of Darkoak

Coat of Arms

A black oak on a field of red surrounded by alternating black and red colors.


"Deep Roots"



Last Head

Lord Lerren Darkoak


Rosefield, The Reach, The Ashen Coast (Ancestrally)
The Bite


Earl of the Gale
Baron of the Thorn
Marcher Lords of the Bite (former)


Earldom of the Gale
Barony of the Thorn

Cadet Branches

House of Dayne (Absorbed)
House of Marshoak
House of Frostoak


Kingdom of Gilneas



The House of Darkoak was a Gilnean noble house that made it's home in the town of Rosefield as Viscounts. The House was known to originate from the Dark Woods. As their early history was relatively obscure, the Darkoaks could trace their lineage back to the natives that had made their home in the Ashen Coast that were eventually subjugated under the House of Cobalstant and had left their homes in the woods to establish Rosefield by the time of the rise of the short lived Kingdom of the Ashen Coast.

The Darkoak line eventually died out in name with Balaforth Darkoak and his son Galen Darkoak allegedly at the hands of Lord Berenal Grayblade, Galen's best friend and cousin. Reports of a survivor of the lineage outside of the wall have been made, but searches for the remaining Darkoak have turned up fruitless. Balaforth was known to have a brother and sister who lived outside of the wall, but his brother was found deceased in his home after the fall of Lordaeron. His sister was later found to have not been beyond the wall as advertised, but disenfranchised from the family after she married a commoner rather than her designate husband. She was found under the alias of the Duskfield family, her husband's surname, and had perished shortly after the worgen curse broke out in Stormglen. She is survived by her sons, Willund and Garrett Duskfield, though they are removed from the line of succession. Balaforth's youngest sibling, Erleia Darkoak, was Lord Grayblade's mother and had perished sometime before he did. As a result, Berenal ironically inherited all of the Darkoak holdings.

The House was survived by a bastard line, the House of Dayne, which had once rebelled against their rule. Its lone survivor, Lerren Dayne, rose as Baron of the Thorn using his blood ties to the region. He later petitioned to use his blood to revive the name Darkoak and begin the lineage anew, without the stain of betrayal that was the House of Dayne. It was approved, thus reviving the House under Lerren and ending the Dayne family.

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