House of Dayne

Coat of Arms

A red oak on a field of black surrounded by alternating red and black colors, the Darkoak crest reversed.


"Aim High"




Lord Lerren Dayne


Rosefield, The Reach.


Lords of Ironwood Keep (Ancestrally), Baron of the Thorn



Vassal of

House of Grayblade

Overlord Branch

House of Darkoak (absorbed into)


Absorbed into the reborn House of Darkoak. Defunct.

The House of Dayne was a Gilnean noble house that made it's home in viscounty of Rosefield in their seat of Ironwood Keep. The House was known to originate from the House of Darkoak from a legitimized bastard's line, and in turn has bloodlines that tie back to the original inhabitants of Gilneas who made their home in the Dark Woods. As homage to their origins, the house's crest is that of the Darkoaks with the colors inverted.

The Darkoak line eventually died out with Balaforth Darkoak and his son Galen Darkoak allegedly at the hands of Lord Berenal Grayblade, Galen's best friend. Reports of a survivor of the lineage outside of the wall have been made, but searches for the remaining Darkoak have turned up fruitless. Balaforth was known to have a brother and sister who lived outside of the wall, but his brother was found deceased in his home after the fall of Lordaeron. His sister's body was never found. As such, by order of Duke Berenal Grayblade, the Dayne line was granted the lands of Rosefield, which had been reduced to a barony, and made Lords of the region.

The house met its end when Lerren had petitioned to revive the legacy of the House of Darkoak, so his rule would be free from the stain of his family's betrayal. After it was approved by Lord Grayblade, the technical heir to all Darkoak holdings by way of his mother, the House of Dayne was absorbed back into the Darkoak family, thus ending the house and reviving their progenitors.

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