House of DeFortiere

Coat of Arms

A white fox on a black field with a brown border.


Whatever it Takes.


Greywall, Havre

Current Head

Sir Balamont DeFortiere


Crestfall (Ancestrally), Havre


HMS Hessen HMS Tide's Edge HMS Raven's Call


Kingdom of Kul Tiras, Kingdom of Gilneas, Grand Alliance


Balamont DeFortiere

The House of DeFortiere is an knight noble house of Tirassian descent that was founded when Sir Balamont DeFortiere  was made a knight of Gilneas by Duke Berenal Grayblade. The house is relatively new and has yet to form much renown, but the current head of the house is known for his ruthlessness and controversial decisions. Despite their originating from Kul Tiras, the house is sworn to the Kingdom of Gilneas as Balamont's loyalties lie to the Gilnean reestablishment order of the Blades of Greymane.

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