House of Delcarn

Coat of Arms

Argent, silver and gold alternating with an argent phoenix rising from a golden flame.


Ahead of the Charge


Light's Hand Keep

Current Head

Baron Cedrec Delcarn


Beau's Tooth, off the coast of the Ashen Coast of Gilneas


Baron of Beau's Tooth

Overlord House

House of Grayblade


Kingdom of Gilneas
Grand Alliance


Cedrec Delcarn

The House of Delcarn is a minor Gilnean noble house that makes its home on the island of Beau's Tooth just off the coast of the Ashen Coast of Gilneas. A relatively new house formed with the blessing of Marcher Lord Berenal Grayblade, house was established on the ancestral lands of the now defunct House of Cloverfield. The Baron, Cedrec Delcarn, has established himself within the rebuilt Clover Tower, renamed Light's Hand Keep and the lands surrounding the keep have been made into a settlement known as Light's Hand. Alongside Light's Hand, a small dwarven settlement known as Dun Argon can be found, with Wildhammer Dwarves from the near by Aerie Peak having immigrated over after being employed to mine moonstones. Light's Hand now sports the aptly renamed Ashen Citadel, home of The Ashen Vanguard.

The house was elevated from Baronet to Baron after the discovery of moonstone on the island elevated its importance and Lord Delcarn's diligence towards seeing the island restored and populated.