House of Dragonsblade

Coat of Arms

A black and red shield adorned with a dragon and a sword.


Fight, or be Forgotten.


Dragonsblade Homestead

Current Head

Sir Jayden Dragonsblade


Lordaeron (ancestrally)


Marshpine Isle


Kingdom of Lordaeron, Kingdom of Gilneas, Grand Alliance


Jayden Dragonsblade

The House of Dragonsblade is an knight Lordaeronian noble house that was founded when Sir Jayden Dragonsblade was made a knight of Lordaeron, and later a knight of Gilneas.

They are currently landed by way of Marshpine Isle, but are also the stewards of their lords, the House of Enderlain, effectively handling the management of the land personally while Leria Woodcourt retains control of business.

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