House of Frostoak

Coat of Arms

A black oak on a field of blue surrounded by alternating black and blue colors.


"Frozen but Loyal"


Chilled Grove

Last Head

Lord Balaforth Frostoak


Baronetcy of the Frost


Baronet of the Frost

Cadet of

House of Darkoak


Kingdom of Gilneas



The House of Frostoak is a house that is to become the lord of the Frost upon the infant Balaforth Darkoak's (who will become Frostoak) 18th birthday. Made to replace the treacherous House of Frostvine with someone more immediately loyal, the Frostoaks are to be a house made of Darkoak blood and to become their first cadet branch since the House of Dayne and House of Marshoak. As with Dayne before them, the Frostoak colors are just the Darkoak's with a minor alteration.

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