House of Gregor

Coat of Arms

A white and gold shield adorned with a black gryphon's head.


"Honor Guides Us"


Xavier's Hold, Gregor's Crossing

Current Head

Lord Ryan Gregor


The Range, The Ashen Coast


Marcher Lord of The Range


Gregor's Crossing
The Range

Vassal of

House of Grayblade


Kingdom of Gilneas
Grand Alliance
Blades of Greymane

The House of Gregor is a Gilnean noble house based in the Ashen Coastst of Gilneas. Their lands consist of the region known as The Range, the capitol being Gregor's Crossing. They are currently sworn to House of Grayblade and are a part of the Blades of Greymane. The head of the house is known to wield the mighty enchanted greatsword The Gryphon.

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