House of Greyfield

Coat of Arms

A black and whie shield, adorned with a winged lance.


Remember the Past.


Greyfield Keep, Brandon's Stead

Current Head

Lord Greyfield


The Reach, The Headlands


Marcher Lord of the Reach


Brandon's Stead

Vassal of

House of Grayblade


Kingdom of Gilneas, Grand Alliance


Brandon Greyfield I

The House of Greyfield is a longstanding Gilnean noble house based in the Headlands of Gilneas. Their lands consist of the town of Brandon's Stead, which was destroyed when the Orcish Horde invaded Gilneas. They are currently sworn to House Grayblade, and are a part of The Blades of Greymane.

The house was once run by the last remaining known Greyfield, Lady Sieglinde Greyfield, until her mysterious death. After her demise, her bastard half brother was revealed to the public and legitimized to keep the bloodline of the family going. As the Lord Greyfield is still young, Lady Lilurah Lockewood has taken regency over the area until Lord Greyfield is fit to rule. Despite his legitimization made public, his name and appearance have yet to fully circulate and seems to be well guarded for the young lord's protection until the circumstance surrounding his sister's death is fully revealed.