House of Greymane

Coat of Arms

A shield adorned with many various symbols of Gilneas, predominantly the Wolf.


Glory to Gilneas.


Greymane Manor

Current Head

King Genn Greymane




King of Gilneas


Sovereignty over all of the Kingdom of Gilneas, Gilneas City.


All of Gilnean Nobility.


Kingdom of Gilneas, Grand Alliance


Aderic I (Ancestor)
Aderic II (technical founder)


The Flag of Gilneas during the Second War was adorned by one of the symbols of House Greymane.

The House of Greymane is the current reigning house of the Kingdom of Gilneas, holding the position of monarch in the kingdom. The House of Greymane is currently run by King of Gilneas, Genn Greymane, who has reigned over the kingdom for several decades since the death of Archibald Greymane. The house traces its lineage back to the first king of Gilneas, Aderic I and claims legitimacy through this. The House of Greymane's line has ruled Gilneas for hundreds of years since 87 F.A. after Aderic II's victory over his brother Sammith Silverlaine, and has seen Gilneas through all of it's hardships since.

The Greymane Wall is named for the family.

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