House of Grimwold


A black lion on a field of blue-green.

Current Head

Lord Alexander Grimwold


Earldom of Taenia, the Fallow Crest


Earl of Taenia




Kingdom of Gilneas


House of Kollivare (Formerly)
House of Tyne
House of Ralerton

The House of Grimwold is a Gilnean noble house hailing from the Earldom of Taenia in the Fallow Crest. Formerly a prominent family that settled within the lands of Taeriean's Hold as a baronetcy, over time it became inseparably intertwined with the noble family that ruled the earldom, the House of Taeriean. The Taerieans ruled the earldom for many years until Mortimer Taeriean II, who was unable to father a son. Though he attempted to have his only child Gwendolyne be married into a matrilineal arrangement, she eloped with Gotrick Grimwold, and Mortimer died shortly after the two married.

From 645 F.A. onwards, the Grimwolds ruled over Taenia as the dominant family. For some, it marked the end of an era, though the Grimwolds would soon prove themselves competent leaders. Stretching out into the rest of the Fallow Crest, the Grimwolds secured key trade agreements as well as mined into Vincent's Breadth. Finding an abundant node of sapphires within the region, Taenia became a trade center for the earldom. They began to secure land outside of Taenia, including masterminding the construction of the Rediron Gates.

The last known lord of the House of Grimwold was Lord Taeric Grimwold III, who was believed deceased following the Invasion of Gilneas. Taeric was believed to have been killed by one of his former lords, Torick Kollivare, and was supposedly forced to watch his city burn then was slain and raised as an undead. However, it was later found out that the elderly lord was indeed still alive and was being held captive beneath the Dredge, formerly known as Tolliver's Folly. Lord Grimwold and his knights were freed by forces of the Duchy of the Ashen Coast, with whom they joined forces with.

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