House of Haven

Coat of Arms

Orange and brown with raccoon in the center.


"Without a Sound."


Darkhaven Manor, Darkhaven

Last Head

Lady Idrya Haven


The Range, Gilneas


Baron of Darkhaven


Barony of the Dusk Thicket

Vassal of

House of Gregor


Kingdom of Gilneas
Grand Alliance
Blades of Greymane



The House of Haven is a newly formed noble house whose blood finds its roots in the now defunct Kingdom of Lordaeron. After numerous years of excellent and consistent service from the Haven sisters, Idrya Haven was made a knight of The Range. Alongside her, Adaliene Haven became an accomplished mage of the Order of the Raven while Briana Haven, the Giantslayer, became second in command of the Arbor Wardens and a knight in her own right. The family's persistence to excellence would later see Idrya rewarded, as once the House of Darkwater died out, Idrya was made the new Baroness, thus beginning their landed line.

The House of Haven is still relatively new to lordship, though the Haven sisters have made a fair name for themselves during their service to both the Duchy of the Ashen Coast and the Blades of Greymane. As a result, Idrya's appointment came as a shock to few in actual power and the common folk have only heard good of her deeds thus far.


Briana's personal crest.

As Briana is also a knight in her own right, there is a cadet branch associated with the house. the Knightly House of Haven, under Briana, makes its home in the Reach rather than the Range and also sports Briana's personal crest.

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