House Murphy Edit

Founding History Edit

House Steelheart was once a noble house located near the Silver Pine forest. It was founded six hundred years before year 0 L.C , by Jonathan Murphy the Good also known as Gobán Murchadh was a Galuyn from the Ashen Coast. The land was given to Jonathan as a gift ,given by the current ruler of Lordaeron . Many individuals at the time were quite curious on how Jonathan was given such a gift, " Did he kill a dragon?" some asked," Could he have been saved the kings daughter ?" Wild stories all which were all false seemed to surround Jonathan. However when people learned the truth on what he had done to deserve such a gift they were disappointed. The true reason why Jonathan had been given the land was a promise that he had made with the King. You see Jonathan wasn't a night, and he certainly was not a politician. Jonathan was in fact a smith, and a damn good one at that.  

When Jonathan still lived in the Ashen Coast his clan 'The Oakenheart' were always marveled by his works.If a carpenter asked Jonathan for a hammer, he would make him one that would last 100 years. Heroes from all over the land would come and visit Jonathan asking him to forge them powerful weapons. Students flocked to him, asking him teach them his skills. Eventually the King heard stories about Jonathan, and invited him to the capital city to speak with him. Jonathan was shocked but honored to receive such an invite. Showing up at the capitals city's palace Jonathan met with the King. The two talked for hours according to a servant girl, and when they exited Jonathan was titled a noble. As mentioned Jonathan made a promise to the King, and that promise was that in return for Jonathan receiving land he would train craftsman that would serve Lordaeron , and provide to Lordaeron and its allies weapons and armor.  

When his clan found out the deal that had been arranged they were a tad outraged. Jonathan was a provider to the clan. He did the same thing he had promised the king forge armor, create weapons of war, and well train others of his clan the ways of the forge. However after long talks Jonathan managed to calm his clansmen down. He was allowed to leave, and take those wish to go only if he promised that his bloodline would one day return and become in service once more to the clan.  

Jonathan now a noble and with a task in hand , made haste to his new holdings.The land that Jonathan had given was pretty much a large forest. Though this would not be a problem, but more as a benefit as Jonathan would need a lot of lumber manage his forges. It also happened to be near an extremely rich mineral deposit. It was apparent that the King wanted the best weapons and so he gave Jonathan the freshest of materials to work with . 

The only true problem with this was what to name his new home. Jonathan wanted to call it something extraordinary. It took him according to folks during the time, three whole weeks to come up with a name .The name he decided to give it was Steel Heart. When asked why he named it that came from his attitude on life," If you wish to build something, and you want to make your dreams come true. You must have a heart as strong as steel and a will as tough as iron."and so if anyone joined his house they would have to have same passion and strength as he did.

After naming his house, and taking at least a year to set up all the necessary things, House Murphy would open its gates. That day apprentices from all over came to his keep, all of them tasked with becoming smiths to serve Lordaeron. Apprentices were not the only people that seemed to show up that day but artisans of other crafts as well an entire battalion of Lordaeron's army. All of them it seemed swore fealty to Jonathan.  With all of these new people coming in Jonathan was able to keep up his side of the bargain. Lordaeron and it allies was provided some of the finest  weapons, and armor that they requested.

Even when Jonathan eventually passed on his children, and their children would keep Steel Heart keep running. The promise that was made all of those years ago would continue .

Customs Edit

Faith Edit

The Light Edit

Like most humans of the Eastern Kingdoms the people of House Murphy worship the Holy Light. They are what many would consider however traditionalists. They follow the morales and virtues of the Light quite strongly. Back when House Murphy was around people who traveled there would always leave with a smile. They respected everyone no matter what race. When it came to violence they would try and understand the opposite sides feelings first, and try and settle the problem with words. The people of House Murphy very much understood what it meant to serve the Light, and they understood that if they wished to become one with the light they would need to treat everyone practically the same. 

The house as one would expect , swore loyalty to the the Church. They promised to the Church to come to its aid whenever it required it or asked for it.  This relationship between the Church and the house would also lead to a few of its citizens leaving to become priests and priestesses.

The Old Ways Edit

Many of the inhabitants who came with Jonathan were followers of The Old Ways. Even though these individuals may have been the framework of the House their practices, and views would slowly but surely shrink. This was probably due to two things. One was that these people were mixed with people of Lordaeron, and so in order for some to fit in they cast away their old values. The other was that the children of these individuals were raised in a Lordaeronian environment, and so they grew up as Lordaeronian. Even Jonathan , the founders children would end up becoming Light worshipers, and so would their children. This spread of the Light would almost entirely obliterate the Old Ways.

Many of the people including the leaders of the House had forgotten much of it, and whatever things they did know they considered as mere folk tales meant to scare children. Over the next 600 years the group that worshipped the Old Ways would become smalller and smaller. Last checked within the House only about 200 individuals could admit that they still followed the Old Ways, and knew the practices.

The ideas of the Old Ways might have been forgotten entirely if it were not for the fall of Lordaeron, and the House. The refugees who were able to escape the House, and the Scourge would move deeper south within Silverpine Forest and create the small town of Silvaden. If luck so have the remaining population of the refugees were actually followers of the Old Ways the other half being Light worshippers. Due to them now being on equalish grounds as the Light worshippers, the Old Ways now has a bit of breathing room and can now make some what of a comeback. Though it should be of note those who claim they are of The Old Way are very lost. Having been separated for so long from their people of origin those who claim they follow this belief have the equivalent knowledge of the faith on the same level as a child. This means they only know some of the stories, know only a bit of the traditions, and most certainly do not remember any of the language or writings that their people used to know.

Marriage Edit

The House of Murphy unlike many noble houses they never married outside to other noble families, but instead they married among their own. Leaders of the House wether they were male or female would look into their own community, and find someone to love. This idea that the House seemed to follow quite strictly probably  originated with its founder Jonathan. Jonathan didn't  originally hail from a noble line. He  was known not to be a fan of playing politics, or throwing elegant parties . He was a man of the people and he intended to keep it that way.

Values Edit

All members of House Murphy followed a very strong set of value. Hard work was key to the House as one would expect. The House was a home to artisans and as one would expect laziness and carelessness was strongly disliked. As previously mentioned they follow the virtues of the Holy Light. They always thought on respecting others as they would respect you, and you should always step into the shoes of another so that you can understand why they feel a certain way.

Laws Edit

House Murphy was under Lordaeron's jurisdiction  , and as such they were required to follow all of Lordaeron's laws to the letter

Notable members

Jonathan the Beloved Edit

Founder of the house. Master of his craft and beloved by all that he came to know . He originally hailed from the lands of Gilneas, and was even one of the small minority known as the Galuyn. When he was offered the invitation to settle new land for himself, and his family he leaped at the notion due to the decline of the Galuyn and its teachings.

Benjamin of the Forge Edit

The great grandson of Jonathan the Beloved. Benjamin was revered for his ability to forge weapons and his obsession with perfection. He was the legitimate ruler of the House however is son  Donovan ran practically everything as his fathers life surrounded nothing but forging .

Beatrice the Diplomat Edit

One of the few female rulers of the House, Beatrice was not born to lead but her brother Alexander the Young was. During a small civil war 300 years agom within the Barony , Alexander perished trying to end the conflict. This left Beatrice with the responsibility of the House, and the burden of this civil war. However Beatrice was able to manage. She ended the civil war not with blades, but with words. She was able to bring both sides together, and resolve the conflict. From that day forward people looked to her as the defacto leader of the House  ; until her son Drake the innovator was of age.

Calvin the Last Edit

The last leader of the house , Was known for his strength and his ability to negotiate. He was butchered in the destruction of Steel Heart keep by the Scourge.

Sean Murphy the fourth Edit

The son of Calvin the last. He was destined to take hold of the house when Calvin passed. He was a veteran of the Second War and earned the rank of captain within Lordaeron's army. Had three sons Jack Murphy (Oathbourne), James Murphy, and Cedric Murphy. Was killed in the destruction of Steel Heart while saving his sons.

Jack Oathbourne Edit

The youngest son of Sean Murphy the fourth. He was unable to escape Steel Heart Keep, but was saved by a Paladin named Andrea Duval. For the next decade he was trained by her in the ways of the Silver Hand.  

James Murphy Edit

The second son of Sean Murphy the Fourth. He is the middle child of the three. Died at Lights hope chapel. Was raised as a Death Knight. Currently his status is unknown. His last known location was the land of Stormheim,

Cedric Murphy Edit

Was the first born son of Sean Murphy and is the only viable heir to House Murphy. He however has been missing since the Cataclysm; his last known location was somewhere in the forests of Gilneas.

Heirlooms Edit

The Forger of Legends Edit

Jonathan the Beloved's hammer. This hammer has been used to forge countless weapons for legendary heroes. It represents the houses strength and its values. The hammer is inherited by every leader of the house.

Loyalty, The Blade of Oath and Kinship Edit

A sword  of great power forged by Benjamin of the Forge. It was Benjamin's life long work that he started when he took the mantle of the House. The blade was forged  from the finest steel, blessed by the Church, and even enchanted by the elves of Silvermoon to give it everlasting strength as well as the ability to set itself aflame. The weapon ever since its creation has been passed down from generation to generation. It was last wielded was Calvin the Last who sadly fell at the sacking of Steel Heart Keep. To this day the blade remains inside the fallen keep waiting for its next wielder.

Rivalry with the Dwarfs Edit

The House of Murphy for as long as they have been around has had a competitive rivalry with the Dwarfs. Both of the two groups had a reputation of producing fine weapons, and so naturally they developed this rivalry to see who was better then the other. Generation after generation the two competed in small contests , forging all sorts of armor, and weapons each nearly beating the other. It seems sadly that this rivalry between the two has ended for the moment as Steel Heart is in quite the mess.

What Remains Edit

During the Third War the House was sacked, and seemingly destroyed by the Undead armies of the Scourge. Many would assume that the members of the House and its Leadership fell in its sacking. However this is entirely untrue. During the sacking a group of over four hundred  people were able to escape with their lives thanks to the valiant  last stand of Calvin the Last, and his son Sean Murphy the Fourth. These survivors varying in all sort of professions headed south of Steel Heart keep for a good fifty miles. These survivors would settle down , and create a small town known as Silvadan. The town to this day is still inhabited  from those survivors and has a current population of  456. They still fly the Lordaeron , and Murphy banner.They currently await an heir to the House to come to them and help them retake their home.

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