Lord Janus Soren












Beauford Belliford, lover

Lord Janus Soren was a man guilty of high treason towards the Kingdom of Gilneas, having associated directly with the Worgen Wolfcult that nearly brought the kingdom to its knees just prior to the Invasion of Gilneas. A brilliant alchemist, he managed to keep the people of Blumsdale from falling prey to the effects of the Blight through alchemy of unknown origin and potency, and he was allegedly on the verge of a great alchemical breakthrough.

Soren was condemned to imprisonment for the duration of the Blightlands excursion, at which point he would be executed for his crimes. He and the mayor of Blumsdale, Beauford Belliford, were lovers, and the mayor was quite upset at the decision to imprison Soren until he said that this is what he would want to keep them safe. Soren remained imprisoned, where he worked for months on a permanent cure for the Blighted, creating a tincture that strengthened their body's immunity to the toxins with a single dosage rather than several. However, after finishing his reaserch Soren tested a new concoction on himself, accidentally resulting in his death when it accelerated his degradation into mindlessness. His work lives on, as he has left his notes behind for the apothecaries of Purehold.

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