Liam's Cross


Grand Cross


Gilnean Military Personnel

Awarded For

Personal acts of valor and bravery beyond the call both at home and on foreign fields.




Currently Awarded

Liam's Cross is a newer medal of honor rewarded by the Kingdom of Gilneas. Created following the Siege of Orgrimmar by King Genn Greymane in memory of his son, Liam Greymane, the medal replaced the Gilnean Cross of Valor as the highest military honor obtainable within the kingdom. Unawarded for some time, the medal was reserved for those whose bravery and commitment to the cause of the Kingdom of Gilneas on the frontlines and at home were unquestionable, and for remarkable bravery beyond the call of duty. The cross was first rewarded following the first excursion into the Blightlands to the inner circle of the Blades of Greymane.

The cross has been since criticized due to the importance placed upon it, to replace that of the Gilnean Cross of Valor as highest honor, only to be rewarded en masse to a group. At the same time, others have claimed it should be liberally rewarded to those who have continued on the home front. It has not been rewarded since the first presentation to the group and it is theorized it will be retired following the restoration of the Kingdom of Gilneas.

Known RecipientsEdit

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