Lunar Hound

Type of Creature:

Animal, Wolf


The Dark Woods

Purpose and Usage:

As with all wolves, hunting companions and their hides. Known to be immune to the deadly toxin of the Dread Lurkers.

Notable Features:

Snow white fur, lithe features. Very rare.

Lunar Hounds are a unique breed of wolf that can only be found within the Dark Woods of the Ashen Coast. This breed of wolf was originally thought to only be from folklore and story and was actually not real until a huntsman from Blackfall Reach brought back the dead body of one near a Dread Lurker den about fifty years before the fall of the Greymane Wall. Since then, Lunar Hounds have been observed by prospect hunters, very few have been domesticated.


Lithe but large, Lunar Hounds are snow white furred wolves that are only found within the Dark Woods. These creatures are very rare, having been found in one semi large pack with no other remaining pack to prowl through the dense woods. As such, despite the size of the pack, their breed is in danger of dying out.

These wolves have developed a special immunity to the toxin of the Dread Lurkers that infest the forest and as such have been rarely observed hunting and killing the spiders to survive. Unfortunately, the over population of Dread Lurkers versus the under population of Lunar Hounds has left these wolves in a disadvantage. While they are immune to the most deadly weapon of the monstrous spiders; these hounds are susceptible to the large spiked appendages that are their legs and their fangs are still able to serrate victims quite viciously. In the end, these hounds are seen as a dying breed.

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