Marshpine Isle
The Isle of Marshpine


Jayden Dragonsblade


Off the coast of the Ashen Coast in Gilneas.


Duchy of the Ashen Coast
Viscounty of Lunargrove
Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Gilneas





Marshpine Isle is a decently sized island off the coast of The Bite, just west of what was once the Barony of Ebonhollow. Under the control of the Viscounty of Lunargrove, Marshpine serves as home for the Knightly House of Dragonsblade, as well as being the base of operations for a Kaldorei foreign embassy.

The isle is home to three settlements and one watchpost. The foremost settlement is that of Mistwatch, which is the primary Gilnean settlement on the island and is the seat of Sir Dragonsblade. The second settlement is that of Shalla'theril, the Night elven and Draenic embassy on the island; a vital point of communication between the two races. The third is the smallest settlement known as Nightweald Village, a Furbolg village. Having come with the night elves and draenei, the Furbolgs struck out into the wilds to form their own village, preferring a small sense of seclusion, though they have remained in contact with the Alliance as envoys. The watchpost is that of Tristan's Point, a coastlands watch post to look for raiders, named for Jayden's fallen brother.